View Full Version : probably asked a million times

03-26-10, 07:33 pm
How long am I in Probie status? It is hard to stay current in threads when my posts are in a queue waiting for approval.

03-26-10, 07:36 pm
Nevermind..guess I was just a bit too impatient. As soon as I hit "post" with this very thread it popped up that I was a "Newbie."

03-26-10, 07:40 pm
I had just converted your status from Probie to Newbie.

How long a person stays a "probie" depends on a lot of things, including posting style and number of posts. Keep in mind that there are only a few mods reading through and approving posts to a much larger number of members/probies, so patience is really appreciated.

03-26-10, 07:50 pm
I, myself, generally approve posts en masse once or twice a day. Usually early in the afternoon depending on if I have time and then later at night. Patience is a key with probies.