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03-26-10, 05:36 am
Big yawn from me:yawn: Here is a photo of the piggies we rescued. The mom had 3 but 1 passed away. So for now i'm fostering the pups and adopting the mom. No idea how old she is. She's very scared and hard to pick up. The pups are 3 day's old and spent the night wheeking.

Moms ears are very pink with no fur and 1 ear looks like it was bitten. No scratching going on and no dry patches. No names picked out yet so feel free to add a name/s.

03-26-10, 05:37 am
So adorable! Good luck to you!

03-26-10, 05:42 am
Your mommy pig looks alot like my rescue piggie "Jazzy". :) The babies are adorable!

Jazzy, the day we got her.


03-26-10, 05:43 am
Aww they are cute! I would call the mostly brown one with a white patch, Smudge, it looks like a smudge on his back!
Not sure about the other one. Good luck with them though!

03-26-10, 05:46 am
Thanks . Are pink ears normal ?they are silky smooth.

03-26-10, 06:19 am
Yeah pink ears are normal I have two piggies with pink ears and only 1 with dark ears.

03-26-10, 06:47 am
They're so cute, congratulations!

If the one with the "lightning bolt" is a boy, you could call him Harry (Potter), or Lightning, or Bolt, or Zorro... :-)

(My black and white pig has pink ears).

03-26-10, 06:50 am
Wow you is very lucky! They look very sprightly. :)

03-26-10, 07:17 am
Oh gosh how cute!! I have no idea what the pink ear means but it looks pretty cute on the mom!