View Full Version : brands of kiln dried pine?

03-17-05, 11:59 am
what brands are there?
i was reading the bedding page and am a bit confused.
so if it smells like pine, it is bad?
i know the kaytee smells like pine even though it says it is kiln dried. sometimes even my aspen smells like...well pine. i assume this is bad.

is there a good brand of kiln dried pine? i work at petsmart (dont bash me-our petsmart has really great employees whose whole lives revolve around animals, such as myself:) )and we always recommend aspen or carefresh. i always talk people out of buying pine or cedar but then i turn around and get a big strong whiff of the aspen which smells like it does have aromatic oils in it sometimes...

help me out on good brands of bedding.

thanks in advance

03-17-05, 12:03 pm
I have never had a bag of aspen that had a smell. Thats why I like aspen. I find it odorless. I couldnt stand the pine, any pine. Had a perfume smell that I found sickening. People thought my cage smelled from the piggies when in fact it was the pine. I love aspen and wouldnt switch.

03-18-05, 01:50 am
well there is aspen in my cage right now and it i lean close to the cage, i can smell it. this seems to be the case with every 1 out of 3 bags that i get. sometimes the bedding is a bit damp too.
i read a post on here about kaytee someitmes combining cedar with aspen, could they possibly have labeled a bag of pine as aspen? is it possible that they do it about 33% of the time?

am i the only one with this problem?