View Full Version : Any ideas on how to kittyproof a circular cage made with a kiddie pool?

03-22-10, 05:26 am
Making a cage out of a hard plastic kiddie pool seems like the best option with the materials I have. The problem is, I have to cat proof it!

I could place another plastic pool of a slightly larger size on top of the fencing around the pool (which I could re-infoce with wooden stakes to support the lid-pool, and possibly my cat).

Or maybe, while I'm using wood, I could just make a lid, with the mesh fencing on it as well. It would probably look less clunky. But I sense splinters in my future, if I follow that path...

Any opinions? Ideas?

03-22-10, 06:40 am
Is your cage outside?

Im sorry I am having a hard time picturing what your saying. So you have a kiddie pool (how big?) with a wooden fence around it? How high is this fence?
Do you have a picture?

03-22-10, 07:18 am
Ahh, sorry! I'm notorious for confusing people. Thank you for asking questions.

It's inside, and I'd say it's pretty big for a kiddie pool. I should measure it.
I have some mesh-like fencing, and I was thinking of stapleing it to wooden stakes to make it more secure, so it wont bend more than needed, and circling it around the pool. And then I can add some sort of lid. I'd say it goes about three or so feet high.

The cage isnt finished yet, and I wont be getting any piggies until it is, so dont worry. So far I havnt really gotten past the "gather the materials" phase.

... This pool is also not filled with water, I thought I should add.

03-22-10, 09:34 am
A kiddie pool cage is a cage made of a large-ish(however big you need, as long as it meets minimums) hard plastic kiddie pool. It is generally indoor.

The only poblem I see with this lid idea, Is, it sounds semi flimsy. Like the cat could knock(sp) it off if (s)he was determined(sp, again:blush: )?

If you can make it strong enough to hold the cat(and all of it's cat muscle :p) it sounds fine!!!

03-22-10, 11:36 am
Oh, that makes more sense. Sorry I didnt understand before. I dont really know though, if you did make a lid out of mesh I would secure it to the "fence" with something (its has a hook on both ends and a somewhat stretchy rope-like thing...cant remember what its called) so that it wont come off.

03-22-10, 12:11 pm

If you staple the stuff all the way around the top of the cage. How are you to get the piggys out?

Does the wood you are using for the sides have a design so they can see though it and see you?

If its jsut a basic piece of wood I would not use anohter kiddie pool as a lid as that would get really hot and really dark for them, Also depending on the "mesh" stuff you are talking baout make sure they have enough light, I know some mesh type material can get really hot and cut off the flow of air.

I know that my piggys LOVE to look out of the cage and see people, It makes them "interact" more with the family and if you put up 3 foot high pieces of board around it they won't be able to see out :(

Lil Fella's Mom
03-22-10, 12:16 pm
Most certainly, you need to attach the lid to the cage sides or it won't be safe with the cats around. My cage lid is zip tied on one side and held down by a Karabiner hook on the other side so I can open and close it.

The springy thingy is a bungy cord and that may work as well to hold the lid down. Are you trying to use materials you already have? Most kiddie pool cages I've seen have the wire shelving sides but what you are describing might work.

How are the stakes going to stay up? You can't ram them into the living room floor.

03-22-10, 12:21 pm
How are the stakes going to stay up? You can't ram them into the living room floor.

* Laugh out loud* thats a funny picture.

I'm sure that if they are using like a plywood type of material for the sides which is what i invision what they are talking about they will make like an octagon shape and staple or nail each of the boards to a stake there for having a stope sign shapped wall?

Thats my guess any how

03-22-10, 12:23 pm
The peices of wood would be pretty thin, and the space between them would be far enough between to allow them to see out. The only purpose of the wood would be to hold up the mesh and make it stronger. The mesh isnt really mesh, I guess. I guess it's like chicken wire with smaller, rectangular holes. They will be able to see out just fine! It would be sad if nobody could see them and they couldnt see us.

The 'mesh' fencing on top, if I do that, would be stapled to a removeable lid. Mvibes, do you mean a bungee cord thingy? That could work...

And I'm sure I can either create or buy a latch at Home Depot. It would probably be easier to connect it to a wood and wesh lid, huh? Hmm.

Either method would probably support my cat were she to get on top, if I make sure everything is secure. I dont think she would do much more than lay up there, pouting.

03-22-10, 01:30 pm
How are the stakes going to stay up? You can't ram them into the living room floor.

* Laugh out loud* thats a funny picture.

Ditto :p!

03-22-10, 04:11 pm
I copied a picture of the pool cage from this page:
homemade pool cage! - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=10522)

If you can build a wood frame around the cage, and make top hinged lids, that could work. See attached picture. The red lines would be the wood that supports the top. And the blue ones would be the frames for the lids.

Lil Fella's Mom
03-22-10, 04:17 pm
Wow, that is really good. I wonder how much square footage this cage has. I suppose the circular shape is ideal for zoomies.

I like it, Ijust don't have any space for it. i will have to stick to my 2x5.

03-22-10, 04:38 pm
Not sure how big that cage is. If the pool has 4.5' diameter, the space would be 14.1372 sq.ft. If the pool has 5' diameter, the space would be 15.708 sq.ft.

The formula is
Diameter x 3.1416