View Full Version : New here and to the world of Piggies!

03-20-10, 03:45 am
We picked up a guinnea pig from someone on craigslist a couple of weeks ago. She came with her cage and everything. I went online tonight to do a little bit of research on designing a more fun cage for her, and realized just how little space she has. I think my son is going to have a BLAST helping me redesign his room and his piggie pen. ;)

We're avid animal folks. We've been raising rabbits for about 3 years and also have chickens and raise quail and pheseants as well. My kids are finaly showing some interest in wanting to care for their own animals, so we're venturing into the world of piggies.

I'm excited to find such a great community!


03-20-10, 07:03 am
Welcome to GPC!! I am sure we would all love to see pigtures! I have a concern, so your kids are showing interest in taking care of a pet. Is the piggy more or less their pet. What if they decide they don't want to take care of it anymore. I would hope and think that since your avid animal folks that you would take care of them and not just send them off.

03-20-10, 03:09 pm
I will definitely get some pictures here soon.

Yes, the piggy is their pet and responsibility. However, part of our understanding is that once you take on a pet, you don't get to just quit taking care of it or get bored of it. It's not a toy. It's part of our family perspective and lessons on responsibility.

Plus, I'm finding them adorable and will always play with them!

My son went off to his dad's this weekend and asked me, "Can I trust you to take care of Mo for me while I'm gone??" :heart: