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03-19-10, 01:28 pm
My sister and I finally brought home our little girls about an hour ago. They are resting in their little hidey-house (pig-gloo) and slowly starting to adjust to the new atmosphere. They are really scared little girls. Mocha is a dark gray little one with crazy hair, and No Name (my sister hasn't chose a name for her yet) is a "straight" haired little reddish brown girl. They are about 11 weeks old.

Currently they are no in a C&C cage, but hopefully in the next few weeks they will be in one. I accidently bought alfalfa at the petstore and will be returning after work to buy Timothy Hay.

I sliced up a few small oranges for a treat hoping to calm them down, and they both ate them. They have pellets and water, and hopefully will come around here soon. I hate feeling like I scare them half to death whenever I check in to see how they are.

It's rather hot today in March for Southern Ohio, and even with air conditioning it seems too hot in the car, so I road home slowly with them on my lap, and they both seemed fine. Mocha tried to hide under No Name a few times, but when I stroaked her fur she purred and enjoyed it.

I hope they come around here soon! I would feel awful if they hated me forever! :guilty:

03-19-10, 03:08 pm
Congratulations on your new pigs! Please post pics when they've come out of their shells a bit (they will!).

I think (but could be wrong here) that you can feed younger pigs alfalfa hay, so you might be ok with the hay you bought? Need to check the Diet section to make sure!

03-19-10, 03:24 pm
One of my piggies names is Mocha! Haha except he's a boy :)

03-19-10, 08:25 pm
I returned the Alfalfa hay after I got off work tonight. It was about the same price, only different by a few pennies. They have their Timothy hay now, but have not bothered to eat it. The little red one is eating her pellets...I came home from work and cut up a piece of cucumber and decided to hold each for a few moments. Mocha was okay in my arms and enjoyed her cucumber. She purred a few times as well, and showed no stress. In fact when I came home and removed their little hidey-house they got a little scared but Mocha found a slice of orange my sister had attempted to give them a little while before to get them to come out to see her. She ate it greatfully, and I could tell she seemed a little happier after that.

Little Red (I feel strange calling her no name so I will call her Little Red for now) did not seem to like the cucumber part very well, although she ate half of her piece. She is so cute, she sits calmly in the palm of your hand and just looks at you. She had been the brave little soul that has come out of the hidey-house to eat her pellets. In the middle of writing this Mocha finally came out to visit, and her and Little Red are running around their cage exploring and squealing.

My manager at work has a guinea pig and has had many other's in the past and she assured me that they would come around soon. I know it will take a little time. Just like bringing my Murphy home. He was a stray off the street and I slowly introduced him to our home. For a few days he stayed in my room until he trusted me. By his third night he was sleeping with me and cuddling and playing. The only time he left my room was when I went to take a bath. I love to lay in a hot bath and read, and I would take him in there with me. Then he got to explore the whole upstairs, and by the time he attempted downstairs he was very good, and it also helped that we had a puppy his age to play with and bond with, a basset hound, Scooby.

Oh, we currently have Murphy, who is about 4. He's a big tiger-striped tabby cat, weighing around 18 pounds. We also still have Scooby, who is 4 years old. He and Murphy are about two weeks apart in age. We also have my grandfather's 14 year old Golden Retriever currently. She's been in the house hold since he passed away back in July of 2006.

Hopefully the girls continue to come around. I am not sure who would be the dominant one quite yet. They both seem to get along quite equally, but I am sure that will change at some point.

My friend Theresa adopted two piggies a few weeks ago, one one week and the following week she adopted a second one. The first one is the dominant one, but the worse she does is steal the little one's food. Oreo relies on her. She does not like to be away from her larger buddy. She cries when she is not there.

Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up here this weekend. I cannot find my camera, so hopefully I will find it to upload some pictures :p

03-20-10, 12:52 am
I like the name Little Red! Cute name for a precious piggie! And if that is what came out naturally, that should be her name!

And welcome to you, your sister and your girls!

03-20-10, 12:57 am
Alfalfa Hay and Pellets are great for young piggies untill they are 6 months old. They need it, but after 6 months they you to timothy hay.

03-20-10, 09:00 am
Welcome! I second the motion, Little Red is a great piggie name.

03-20-10, 10:14 pm
My sis cannot decide on a name, and so I keep calling her Little Red. She is very shy. She is better in your hands than Mocha, who tries to scrample out of our hands with all her might and runs like crazy to get away. Mocha is louder, and an eater! Little Red didn't seem to like the cucumber pieces I had last night. She doesn't seem to like green peppers either. She seems to like broccoli and cauliflower the most, and Mocha is just the opposite. They both really like oranges though. They also like ME to hold their food for them, except their pellets. They love to eat from my fingers, and they both love to lick them.

They haven't popcorned yet, which I'm a little surprised. I was so use to my friend's piggies popcorning everywhere around me right after they ate. They both started talking more than what they seemed for for a moment or two, which I thought was the closest to a popcorn yet.

I cannot wait to see them popcorn! When they do that is when I know they are happy and will be okay with me!

03-21-10, 01:18 am
Hi and Welcome to the forum.

Keep in mind that not every pig popcorns. Some do and some don't so you may have some that don't do it or they may start doing it later on once they are more used to you and their new surroundings.

03-22-10, 09:21 pm
I put them in the bathroom with a sheet so they wouldn't slip around the slippery floor...turns out they loved the slippery floor! They played tag with each other around the toilet and POPCORNED all over the place for over twenty minutes. I was sooo happy to see them do this! I had an awful day at school today (terrible headache/migrane) and spent 6 hours in bed when I got home around 3. After some more tylonal and waking up more I decided to see what they would do in the bathroom and I am soooo happy I did! Perfect ending to a horrible day.