View Full Version : Can piggies be happy with one level??

03-16-05, 04:05 pm
Ever since I got my piggies, I have always have a two level cage, even my pet store cage had a humogous loft. Lately I have noticed that none of my three guineas like to use their second level very much and when they do, it is usually just at night after we are all in bed. My question is, would it be ok for me to just remove that second level and expand their cage into an L shape instead even though they have always had a loft.

I just had to disinfect it for mites and it was terribly hard to do and I would like to change it over before their next treatment. Would this cause them to much stress or would they be happy to have what seems like a whole new cage?? This would also make it easier to disinfect after my next two visits.

03-16-05, 04:58 pm
I have my two boys in a 2x5 single and they love it. I think a single level is also easier to clean, I had a upper level but they didn't like it, so they just have the one now.

03-16-05, 05:09 pm
I have a 4x6 for my two girls and they love it and it is so much easier to clean.

03-16-05, 05:21 pm
I have a 4x6 for my two girls and they love it and it is so much easier to clean.
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! That's HUGE!!!

03-16-05, 05:24 pm
Yeah, thats pretty big! I prefer single level cages and I think they can be perfectly happy as long as its big enough.

03-16-05, 08:33 pm
Of course! It sounds like that plan is an excellent one.

03-17-05, 05:41 am
Thanks everybody.

03-17-05, 07:35 am
Well, I redid their cage last night and they love it. I made it into an "L" shape. It is actually a 2x6, but I have 2x4 against one wall and then 2x2 against the adjacent wall. I can't beleive how easy it is going to be to clean. Also, it is so much easier to put all of their things away from the edges so they can run around. Anyway, right now I have to let them decide where they will want their new bathroom to be. I have put litter boxes in almost every corner and they will probably pick a favorite by tomorrow. Thanks for all of the help

03-17-05, 09:42 am
They sure can, as long there's plenty of room to play and run laps. Poohbear's oversized C&C is a fine example.

03-17-05, 10:46 am
I totally believe that they could be happy with one level... but I won't be :)

I'm in the process of making a second-second level (one on each side of a 2x4 cage). I'm making it more interesting for me.

Slap Maxwell
03-17-05, 12:28 pm
I have a 2x6 cage with a 1x2 loft. Neither of my pigs really use it. I have plenty of grids, so I don't take it down. I'm sure your pigs would be happy with on level.

03-17-05, 12:47 pm
I have a 3 level cage. They will use the levels if you have something they want on the level. My piggies food and water is on the 2nd level. They spend as much time on the 2nd level if not more than the bottom. The 3rd level I hide treats up there. They go up there to find them and then eat them. One of my piggies has a favorite hidey house up there that she loves to sleep in. They also love running in circles on the 3rd Floor. And zooming down the ramps. Its fun to watch.