View Full Version : Litter Question

03-16-05, 08:21 am
I've been reading all these posts about how a litter should preferrably be used. I tried using a corner litter thing with some bedding in it, but my two boys don't use it? Any suggestions??

Slap Maxwell
03-16-05, 10:42 am
Well if you have fleece bedding they most likely will use it. Otherwise you have to train them.

03-16-05, 12:07 pm
Just putting a litter into the cage will only work if your guinea pigs have a preferred corner and if you put the litter in that corner.

Another method would be to put all of their droppings and even some wet bedding into the litter so that they may begin to associate it with their droppings.

03-17-05, 07:05 am
How would you go about training them to use the litter box though?