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03-14-10, 01:05 pm
My name is Kim and I am new to the forum. I live in Arizona and my family and I have 2 new cavies officially named Juarez and Anakin. Despite their names, they are both female.

Anakin is an brown, black and white Abyssinian. My son is convinced she is a boy and insists we call her Anakin (though the rest of us call her Annie when my son isn't around). Annie is pretty lazy compared to Juarez and squeals and squeaks when Juarez is active.
Juarez's nickname is Rezzie. She is a gray silkie and is a very active little piggy. She loves to run extremely fast around the cage and through their tube. She will bump Annie out of the way if Annie doesn't move. She and Annie generally move their tube around to fit their current desires. It is really fun to watch them do this and if they do it together, it is interesting to see them work together.

They both love to sit in your lap and be pet and fed-to while we watch our nightly tv show.

They currently live in a 2x4 C & C type covered cage with a kitchen area at the end that is the only area I have the CareFresh bedding. The rest of the cage uses Fleece bedding. I just found the PiggyBed site and am in love and will probably look into getting that.

We do have a cat that we call a scardy cat. Rezzie and Annie are very interested in him and have touched noses with him. They will even kind of chase him a bit until he runs out of the room.

That is probably more than you wanted to know. :rolleyes:

03-14-10, 05:05 pm
Welcome to the forum!

03-14-10, 07:46 pm
Welcome to the forum! There is a ton of good information here.

03-14-10, 07:50 pm
Welcome :)

Sounds like you are looking after your piggies very well!

03-14-10, 07:53 pm
Welcome aboard!

03-14-10, 08:06 pm
Welcome to the site! You should post some pics

03-15-10, 03:07 pm
Welcome :)

03-15-10, 03:13 pm
Hello and welcome!
Your piggies sound adorable.

03-15-10, 03:22 pm
Welcome to the forum !

03-18-10, 08:15 pm
I am also a newbie! Glad to see someone else who loves kitties and piggies as much as I do! :) I too have a kitty (My Murphy-Kins lol).

Love the names you gave you piggies by the way! Wish I could be that creative!