View Full Version : I finally got a friend for Rodney

03-13-10, 11:35 pm
I finally got my new guinea pig Buddy. He is a BIG boy to say the least. He is all muscle, he is really nervous around people and once you pick him up he goes stiff from being so scared but once he calms down he loves lap time and will sit there with you for hours. And he loves chin rubs and his chops rubbed. He sits there and just closes his eyes and loves it. He is skittish though so we are working on that right now and enjoying his company. :love::love::love:

03-13-10, 11:41 pm
Horray!! Excited to see pictures and see how intros go!

03-13-10, 11:45 pm
I would love to put up pictures but Buddy is camera shy. I get it already and he runs away like a mad man. I will get a picture one of these days if it takes hours!!! lol

03-13-10, 11:56 pm
Ha ha piggy poparazi!
I am glad Rodney has a friend I know you've wanted to get him one for a while! Everyone deserves someone to spend their life with!