View Full Version : Ramps Bending square ramps?

03-12-10, 04:17 pm
So I went out and bought a whole extra set of grids so that I can make a ramp that will be safer & look a lot less ugly than my coroplast ramp right now. Looking though the ramp galleries I can see that many peopole have ramps that are bent grids, but they all look square and nice! I can't figure out how to bend my grids that way. Anyone know how? I just get a deep V shape.

03-12-10, 04:19 pm
When I still had ramps (check my gallery for pics), I bent them by standing on the CENTER of the grid, and pulling up on either side.

03-12-10, 04:24 pm
Hm, sounds better than what I'm doing. But these thigns are os stubborn i end up lifting my feet before the ramps bend!

03-12-10, 04:57 pm
I put 2x4 lumber on the grid, then stand on it. This way you can get them to be pretty square.

03-12-10, 04:59 pm
Be careful that you don't bend it where there the ends of the metal meet. Mine cracked when I bent it so I had to toss that grid.

03-12-10, 05:14 pm
Pinky: No mater where I bend my grids they crack. It only cracks on one side though so it's okay. I'm joining th e2 cracked ends together so it won't affect the pigs.

03-12-10, 05:32 pm
We actually have this thing in our garage which is made to bend metal, so thats what I used. :)

03-12-10, 07:45 pm
I bent mine by hand without cracking or any real problems. Get a strong boy that is what I used! lol