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03-12-10, 02:24 pm
Hi I'm Alyson and my new baby cavy is Willow. I'm an experienced owner, I actually use to have an account on here years back. My piggies I had back then have all passed away and I adopted one out. I just recently realized that I miss having them around, I had 6 back then. So I heard of someone having a litter and I couldn't help but adopt one. I only have a large store bought cage because I got rid of my c&c supplies from before. I am in the process of finding safe shelving units to create another one as I read on here that the target ones are dangerous now. I have had my little silver agouti for about a day now. She loves to be held but scared of everything else. I have one question that I can't figure out, she hasn't pooed once since I got her. There isn't an impaction from what I can tell. Should I worry? Other than that I have a chihuahua named Bellatrix and a jack russell mix named Gambit. I also have a betta and a pleco in a 35 gallon aquarium.