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03-15-05, 05:27 pm
This is a web gallery dedicated to our two boars, Smack and Deuce. Many different angles of the cage and the cavies!

I'm so impressed with their change in behavior in the past 3 days of C&C life. They started out nervous, but are quickly gaining their confidence.

Also, it seems the boys truly cherish their alone time since being moved to a cage where they can experience space to themselves. Its quite a challenge to get a picture of them together!

Please know that if you give your pigs the proper amount of space, they will lead a better life and improve yours also! I know that the next 3 years of our cavies lives will be much better than the first 3. The past several days have proved it.





Use the slideshow option at the top right of the page for easier viewing.

03-15-05, 07:41 pm
Great sites, I love your cage!

03-15-05, 08:34 pm
Nice site! Your cage looks great!

03-15-05, 08:43 pm
I love the cage and the piggies. I really love Smacks hair. I heard that people call it rooster hair cause it sticks out like roosters feathers.

03-17-05, 11:05 am
Congrats on your new C&C cage, it looks terrific!

03-17-05, 05:00 pm
Thanks everyone! My fiance built the cage and the website, so he's very excited about your feedback.

Smack's hair actually gets longer and stands up higher. I trim it once every few months to keep him tidy and mat free. He starts to look pretty crazy between hair cuts!!

03-17-05, 05:39 pm
New Photos!

03-17-05, 08:23 pm
Nice job! Cage looks great and the pigs are beautiful!

Ashley's Gurl
03-21-05, 06:04 am
Really cute pigs! Love the cage by the way.

03-23-05, 10:29 am
Great cage!

smileyface cavy
03-29-05, 06:20 pm
Adorable pigs!

04-11-05, 06:43 pm
Thanks very much, everyone!