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03-09-10, 09:25 am
I am now considering moving into a 4 bedroom house with my boyfriend and 2 other roommates and wanted to know what would be the most efficient sized cage for my boys when I get them. I originally wanted to get a 2x4 double decker but then I thought about the space up the wall it would take up. Now I'm considering length wise, possibly a 2x5?

I haven't discussed this with my boyfriend and other roommates, all they know is that I've been wanting and/or planning to get another animal. My boyfriend isn't to keen on piggies, he has that typical mentality about them. And I don't mind them in my bedroom but want to efficiently utilize the space so the piggies and I can cohabitate peacefully. But if possible I'd like to move them into another room that's not in my bedroom, but like I said before it hasn't been discussed.

This is quite a change considering I was going to move into a place by myself, but this is the most cost effective way. So considering my pending circumstances. What size/shape cage would you use in the bedroom? Why? and How could I convince my boyfriend and others to let them be in another room in the house?

EDIT: Boys are what I wanted but girls are still in the running for consideration. I guess I'd have to weigh the pros and cons that come with the tendencies of dominance between the two sexes. I know that personality as an individual is the biggest factor to consider as far as gender. But because I've heard stories about girls being divas and boys having boar stink, and etc of the back and forth between the sexes. I have alot to consider. But I ultimately want to rescue piggies that are compatible with me and we get along. So opinions about this would be nice. But if this is in the wrong area I'll start another thread in the appropriate place. Sorry mods :)

03-09-10, 09:51 am
Hi There!
I have 2 make pigs who, despite trying everything, only get along on their floor time or outside, never in their cages. I've heard that girls are more likely to get along with eachother. The boys do "stink", especially right after I've cleaned their cages. It ususally airs out after a little while. I love my pigs to the moon and back but I wish I had invested in a bonded pair or females. Hope that helped! :)

03-09-10, 09:52 am
Hi there! Personally I would say that once your wall is already taken up by a 2x4 or 2x5 (both of which are big cages, my 2x4 is almost 5 feet long), it doesn't matter how far UP the wall you go from there. You'd actually get more cage space with a double decker 2x4 - if I'm understanding you correctly and you mean one 2x4 stacked on top of the other.

I have to say that owning 2 boars, they do smell - I use Zorb in their cage and still can't make it a full week between cleanings. I've never had female pigs, so can't compare.

As for keeping them in another room in a shared house, I don't think I would. Your bedroom is the only place you have control over - in other rooms people could be smoking, playing loud music or TV, spraying air freshener or hairspray, getting drunk and banging into the cage - just examples, but all things they have a perfect right to do in their own home, and all things your gps would hate. (Having had over 20 roommates in my life, I'm probably somewhat of an expert :)).

I really hope this helps!

03-09-10, 10:24 am
Let me clarify. My other 2 roommates are my bestfriend and her boyfriend. I get what you are saying about roommate tendencies but none of us smoke and are over 21 years old. The reason we've decided to move in was because we were sick of bad roommates and apt living. So those other things wouldn't necessarily become an issue, but I do get what you mean about total control over the space. And yeah the cage is what u described a double decker to be. Thanks.

03-09-10, 10:35 am
Sirene has made many good points. Once you take up the floor space, the wall space doesn't even matter. You should not have shelving, etc., on the walls above the cage for safety reasons, so you might as well build a second story if that is your wish. If you are keeping them in a small room, I might suggest getting girls so your room wont smell so bad. Don't get me wrong, my girls cage stinks! They are on the main level of my home in a 2x4, in an open kitchen/family room that is a great room (only divided by a couple of half walls). Even with as much ventilation as they have, I still sometimes feel like it smells like a barn in here. I actually can't imagine sleeping in the same room. You'll need to clean their cage probably every 3 days.

Also, unless your roommates and boyfriend are true animal lovers, not party animals, etc. then I'd keep them in your bedroom. Like I said, it smells like a barn in here sometimes (like right now, and I changed the cage 4 days ago). I would not want to live in a place that smells like this unless I loved the animals as much as the owner, that's just not fair. If you have the pigs for a while and everyone seems to love them, then maybe you could suggest moving the cage to a common area of the home.

Also, what other pets will be in the home? If there will be cats or dogs, keep in mind that you'll need a covered cage and everyone should be advised about safety of the pigs.

03-09-10, 01:03 pm
I have a dog and plan on making a closed cage anyway. I like the look of a closed cage better than it being open, especially when they will be in my bedroom.
Molly75- Do you think the smell would be minimized with a kitchen on the second level and a double decker 2x4 with girls?

03-09-10, 03:08 pm
I have two adolescent male pigs in a 2x5 in my very tiny (and often closed, to keep the cats out) bedroom. They do not smell offensively. Things get a little stinky at the end of the week and right after I change all the fleece, but throughout the week it is not terrible. I have a separate kitchen area where they tend to do most of their peeing, and change that fleece out 3 times a week. The main fleece I change once a week. This system seems to be working out for me so far.

I had a double decker 2x4 for a while. It was a nice cage and the pigs enjoyed it; however, it was a big pain for me to clean. The single level 2x5 is unbelievably easier for me. When I move this summer, I plan on expanding to a 2x6 so the boys have a little more running room -- I can't wait! Right now their 2x5 cage takes up an entire wall, edge to edge.

Regarding keeping them in your bedroom, you may want to consider somewhere else if you are a light sleeper. Pigs aren't nocturnal, but they are active throughout the night. I know mine have woken me up a time or two with the water bottle or an argument, although I'm a heavy sleeper. I've found that it helps us all quiet down and go to sleep if they have floor time right before bedtime, so my boys get out for a run around 9:30-10:30. Mine tend to be most active at that time, anyway.

03-09-10, 04:43 pm
I have a dog and plan on making a closed cage anyway. I like the look of a closed cage better than it being open, especially when they will be in my bedroom.
Molly75- Do you think the smell would be minimized with a kitchen on the second level and a double decker 2x4 with girls?

Since I don't have a separate kitchen area I can't really say for sure. I'm thinking yes, since you could clean just the kitchen area several times a week easily. I just don't have the space for that in my 2x4, don't have the space to expand (plus my husband would go bonkers if I sink any more money into them at this point. I need to simmer down for a while), and I I'm really not sure how I'd do a second story kitchen area when it all has to be closed up due to our 3 cats. Having everything extremely easy to clean is very important to me and I don't see that being easy ;)