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03-09-10, 04:34 am
My guinea pig, Luna, has had this wheezing problem that comes and goes randomly. I took her to the vet 2 years ago and was told by the vet that it could be an infection so he have me an antibotic. It didnt seem to help much. Now she just turned 4 last month and still has the problem. She just recently got a lot more mellow. She is less active, she still eats and drinks normally and talks to her fellow guinea pig, Bell, normally. But she stays in one spot for hours at a time. She will lay there not caring if poop starts clustering into a huge chunk under her, then it gets stuck in her fur. Shes a long haired guinea pig. She also seems a lot more sensitive. I will pick her up and she will yelp with pain sometimes. She doesnt walk normally either. She hops with her back and walks with her front. I rub her legs all over and none of it seems to bother her. I did a little reasearch of my own and Im starting to beileve she has a heart problem according to this article. She has all the not so bad symptoms. None of the really bad ones. But it still concerns me. As soon as I get the money to take her to the vet she is going.

Heres 2 links

Heart Problems in Guinea Pigs, Symptoms and Treatment - Knoeddelmeister (http://www.knoeddelmeister.com/information/heart-problems-in-guinea-pigs.php)


03-09-10, 07:13 am
Awww, poor little thing. Definitely get her to the vet when you can. This time make sure it's an exotic animal vet, or in the least a vet who knows guinea pigs very well. My regular vet (for my cats) admitted that they can do minor things with pigs like upper respiratory infections, fungus infection, mites and such but that I should find an exotic vet for anything more serious. I still love them for my kitties, but I took them to an exotic vet for both fungus infection and URI on two separate occasions. So I have my kitty vet and my piggy vet ;)

Whatever is going on with your pig it sounds like it's getting worse. They can go downhill extremely fast, giving little warning. Just do what you can.

03-09-10, 09:37 am
A heart condition sounds possible, though there could be a few other things going on, too, such as a vitamin deficiency. What is her diet? What type of pellets and hay are you feeding?

In any event, she needs to see a good cavy savvy vet now. Staying in one spot for hours at a time is nowhere within the realm of normal and it sounds as though her condition is deteriorating rather rapidly. With pigs, prompt treatment can make all the difference, sometimes between life and death. Unfortunately it might not be something that can wait until you have the money to take her, so I strongly suggest attempting to set up a payment plan or something with your vet if you don't have the funds to take her now because it really doesn't sound like something that can or should wait.

03-09-10, 10:06 am
I agree with Paula. A vet will usually work with you on payments. The sooner you bring the pig in, the less expensive it'll likely be. Pigs can deteriorate very quickly.

03-09-10, 03:32 pm
Ok will do. Thanks. Sorry for this posting this thread twice. Just realized I did that. Didn't mean to.

03-10-10, 12:06 am
Oh and also. I've noticed this since I first got her, anyways, when shes drinking water she seems to drink to fast and choke. Then afterwards she will be wheezing. You think that maybe she drinks it too fast which results in water going into her lungs?