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03-07-10, 02:06 pm
HI again all!!! Well we finally finished our first cage. And given the girls were sharing a starter guinea pig cage from the pet store, I would say they feel their new home is practically a mansion, size wise for now. Seeings how they are only 10 weeks old (about that), and we are limited for room, we did a 2x3 with a 1x2 second story. Hopefully we will be able to add on later. I know we will as they grow. I am planning on redoing the ramp, just not sure what I really want to do though. Anyway I posted the this in hope that some of the experienced folks out there would take a look and make any suggestions you can. Also on my profile I now have pics of our girls posted. Enjoy and I look forward to the feedback!!!! :sad:

PLease excuse the grainy photo, this was taken with a cell phone....

03-07-10, 02:39 pm
Good job! I sincerely HOPE to have our C&C completed by today..or at the VERY latest tomorrow. My husband and I ran into some problems getting our cubes to stay together. We're making a stand out of cubes for the cage, so we had to make a bottom for the cage..and that's when the trouble started.

I have 200 zip ties now, so hopefully it will be okay.

My two boys are about 11 weeks, so they are close in age to your GP. Right now they are sharing a large store cage. I cannot wait to see how they react to their new home.

03-07-10, 03:25 pm
The cage looks great. I like that it matches the color of the wall.
They are still babies. Please babyproof the cage so their heads won't get stuck in the grids. You can do this by adding more grids and overlap them to make the holes smaller. Or you can add cardboard or coroplast between the coroplast base and the grids to make the sides higher.

03-07-10, 03:46 pm
I have to say, this is such an adorable cage. I love the color Pink <3

I'm sure they're much happier in there new cage. But I agree, keep in mind to baby-proof till they are 6months +.

03-07-10, 04:09 pm
But I agree, keep in mind to baby-proof till they are 6months +.
My piggie was nearly eight months when she got her head stuck in a grid. I thought she was big enough by then.
She was okay but we both nearly had a heart attack! :melodrama
Maybe she is just small for her age.

03-07-10, 04:40 pm
Maybe it's a year. I think generally you can size guess it, but if it's best to wait for a year, that's ok.

03-07-10, 10:19 pm
Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. I agree, I was concerned about the babies getting stuck or even squeezing completely through the grids, so I am planning on trying to get back out to the store where I bought my chloroplast and purchasing another sheet. That way I can cut some to put between the actual box itself and the grids, extending higher. Also figured I could make a few storage bins to go under the cage. Since it is in my daughter's room, figured I could make her some boxes to keep her large toys in, so her room will be clutter free. Also considering moving all food related activities to the top floor, and only putting the carefresh up there, and changing to fleece on the bottom. However I am nervous about using fleece, although it does seem more cost beneficial than filling this monster cage with carefresh. Figured I had read so mych about how they usually will potty where they eat since that is when they normally do. I know they do poop while they run around, but that is easy cleaned up with a hand vac, and with extra fleece ready to go, I could alwasy pull the fleece when needed for washing. With two small children and three adults, we are always doing laundry. Any helpful hints about fleece or cage set up I am open to suggestions.
Thanks again!!!