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03-06-10, 07:42 pm
SO my Dh and I were trying to make a 2 x 4 C&C cage today. Got the cubes, coroplast and some zip ties.

We'd decided to get some more cubes to make a "stand" for the cage like I've seen on here.

It has been SUCH a pain to get this accomplished. We have the connectors good and secure and then they will pop out of place when we're trying to add the bottom. :confused:

We haven't even cut the coropolast yet. We need some zip ties to make it nice and secure.

Any suggestions, help would be appreciated. I was wanting our two boys to be in their C&C cage by tonight but that isn't going to happen. I want to make sure that it is really good and secure before I put them in it.

I wish I had photos to show what I am talking about. We got our cubes at BB&B.

03-06-10, 08:21 pm
Ok, I'm a little confused by what you mean about the "bottom" but I've seen, and heard that the connectors tend to a be a problem. Have you tried using a rubber mallet to pound the connectors down? thats what I had to do with the connects on the cage I have currently.

Try using the zip ties on the top and bottom the grids your connecting right after you get the connector on... Sometimes this helps to hold them together, and in return holding it in the connector.

03-06-10, 08:21 pm
When I started my C&C building I got several hundred small zip ties. Every time a connector united two grids, I also zipped the grids together. If I have one connector with 4 grids it had 4 zips, I zipped every possible place there was a grid side by side.
It's steady like a rock now, and I attribute that to the zips.

03-06-10, 08:49 pm
I had to fight with the connectors from BBandB as they fell off if anything knocked them or you moved the cage and I took them all off and now only use zip ties. I could never get the cube stand thing to work and I made mine out of 2x4's and plywood.

03-06-10, 08:55 pm
I also zip tied pretty much every possible spot on my cage. It is made from wire shelves, and has a lid, because my cat is quite rambunctious sometimes, and I wanted Margaret to be safe as possible, so the zip ties are the only thing holding it together. There are at least five on every joint. Zip ties are pretty cheap so you can use tons of them, and if you do them up tight enough they shouldn't move at all. If you're having lots of trouble with your connectors you might be able to do without them... Mine is pretty solid, especially after the Coroplast base went in, as it adds some extra rigidity.

03-06-10, 09:21 pm
I, too, have problems with cubes staying together. I hit them with a hammer to get them in and then zip tie the heck out of them to keep them there. I thought about just using zip ties to make the cage but I thought it would be more sturdy using both and I like the look with the connectors.

03-06-10, 09:49 pm
I am only using zip ties at this point, I found the connectors to be lacking in safety. The bottom of the cage started to fall out but the cage is very long 8X2 one way and 6X2 the other way. After zipties I have had no trouble at all. The base was two grids tall and is now overlapping by two squares to make the cage base stronger. It's working great for me with just zips.

03-06-10, 09:56 pm
The base was two grids tall and is now overlapping by two squares to make the cage base stronger. It's working great for me with just zips.

So, you overlap the bottom grid for the base and the top grid? This works? I wanted to do something like this for my base. I have 2 papillons and 2 cats. One of the papillons wants guinea pig poo so bad she would stick her nose in the grids and bark constantly if I didn't have it up. She doesn't even care about the pigs. :) However, I find that 29 inches off the ground is quite tall for me since I don't quite reach 5 feet tall myself. :) I was thinking of overlapping like you explained to make the base only come 22-24 inches off the ground but I was worried it wouldn't work very well. I am glad it seems to be working for you, I may try it. It would be easier than trying to find that many tables to keep it on!

03-06-10, 10:50 pm
Okay, I do feel much better now! lol

I figured we were just going to have to use a lot of zip ties, more than I realized. I finally had to tell my husband tonight to just put the cage aside for tonight and we'll work on it tomorrow.

I know that we're eager to get our guys in their C and C cage, but it HAS to be stable. I know that I was so frustrated today I was almost to the point of tears!!

Thank you all.

03-07-10, 12:11 am
OMG I dont even want to remember the hell we went through to put together our first cage! lol It took over 6 grueling hours for us to build a cage that was 2x4 that was 2 high with a ramp. It was all enclosed too. A few weeks ago we rebuilt our cage for the 8th time in the last year. It is a 2x6 with no ramps (we have to keep 2 of our 6 boys separate because they will fight to the death) but it has storage underneath, and is 4 grids high(the bottom cage is 2 grids high for easy access to clean!). It only took us 4 hours and it was by far our biggest and most complicated cage yet(but keep in mind we had to clean the old cage and dissemble it for parts to make the new one). It will get easier as you go. If you are anything like the rest of us you will be changing your cage in a few months too! lol Have fun!!!

03-07-10, 06:58 am
No the base grids are overlapped. the base was two grids off the ground making the cage a total of three grids tall. Now the two grids that were the base grids are overlapping (height wise) by two holes so that it will stay standing. However if you are only five feet tall then getting the cage three grids tall could be too hard to clean. you could try different hole overlap options to change the height.

03-07-10, 11:59 am
The boys snuggled together on my lap this morning. My super relaxed Gizmo even fell asleep! They are worth it. I am glad I am not the only one who has been frustrated. I am going to work on the cage when my two year old naps...as I don't need her "help." Bless her heart she is so excited about the guinea pigs new home, but she really gets in the way.

Anyhow I snapped this with my phone, so it isn't the best quality, but it shows how WORTH IT the stress is for these sweet little guys. We love them SO much!

Gizmo is on the left..you can see he is dozing off!! Pickles on the right. :love:

03-08-10, 03:08 pm
I just wanted to update that we DID in fact get the cage built. I used a cable tie at EVERY connection. We were able to set the cage on grids.

Since our boys are young we went with a 10 inch wall of coroplast instead of a 6 inch.

We didn't get it finished until late last night but we went ahead and put them in there. I didn't get to do much this morning besides sweep pop and add cilantro before I went to work, but from what little I have seen they seem to like it.

My two year old daughter calls the new cage the guinea pigs' "crib." I can see how it would look like a crib to her.

Thanks for all the help.

03-12-10, 08:02 pm
I have been having trouble with building a cage too. I bought the cubes,zip ties and coroplast. I sat there trying to figure out how to put them together. Especially the bottom of the grids. I did finally try using those connectors but they do stick out. So what do you do? In the photo of C&C it looks as if there is no bottom of the cage, just coroplast so how do you go about doing it correctly. I need help thank you