View Full Version : Closed top required for rabbits?

03-15-05, 01:32 am
I'm planning on adopting a pair of Holland lops in several weeks, and C&C cages definitely seem to be the least expensive and most customizable option available for housing.

I noticed that all of the rabbit cages in the galleries had closed tops. Is it absolutely necessary to do this if you add an extra set of grids around the top to add height? That'd make it 28" tall, and I really can't see a rabbit that small jumping 28" into the air...

03-15-05, 07:08 am
I have an open area on top of my cages. It makes it easy to access. I just make sure that the cage is covered where I have shelving that they jump up onto.

03-15-05, 02:31 pm
It is not necessary, but you would be suprised at how determined rabbits can be. I used to have a lopeared rabbit (around 3-4 lbs.) that could jump from the ground onto the bed that was 3 ft. high.

03-27-05, 10:02 pm
my mini rex can stand on his hind legs nd stand up and look over but haven't seem him climb over it

03-28-05, 07:46 am
my cages both have open areas except where they have a 2nd level.