View Full Version : WOW! this stuff is great!!

03-14-05, 09:32 pm
I just went to "fabricland" here in Ontario and was looking into getting to fleece when I came apone this bin in the back corner and inside or it was this fabric that is 10x stronger then fleece and half the price. I asked the lady that was there what kind of material it was and she just said that it was stuff they make blankets out off (super strong and machine safe) When I got home today and put it in my Boys cage, I noticed that when they peed on it ( not smart enough yet to use the litter box) that the urine went right throught it and didn't leave a mark and the area wasn't even wet 5 mins later! I don't know exatly *sp* what it is, the lable just says 100% man made, but this fabric is soooo much better then fleece and almost the same price.( $9.48 for one piece that covers the bottom of my 2x3 cage twice, and $9.82 for one that covers it 2.5 times!) Also people are complaning that it is hard to get the hay off the fleece (I used towels before and it was super hard) but with this fabric all I need to do is wipe my hand on the bottom and ALL of it is gone!

does any one else have this type of material for their bedding? It's super soft and I'm so jeloues of my piggies that they get it and not me :)

03-15-05, 10:13 am
Can you take a picture of it? I've noticed that the Fabricland's around here carry the same stuff - if you can post a picture, I can take a look at our Fabriclands (to try to match the pattern) to see if I can find it. It might be hard to find from a picture, but it's worth trying.

03-16-05, 11:51 pm
I'll try to get a picture of it but it might take awhile , I have to wait untill I get a full roel of film.

03-17-05, 12:33 pm
Sounds like vet bed... Thats what I have. Its great isn't it!

03-17-05, 11:48 pm
it is great! but I have a question about the Vet bed (if that's what it's called--- cool) do you have any boars? because I do and ( i've never ahd piggies before so forgive me) lately I have been seeing these darkish spots on the blanket. there not blood or diarreah. Also sometimes when I have them out on free time there is litter white spots on the towels later on. Are they in some sort of "puberty" stage and there just changing out what. Sorry I know it's stupid but I was just wondering. Also my one boear Melmen is now starting to "mate" with his brother! what should I do?