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03-05-10, 08:29 pm
HI again everyone... Here I am again, so I bought all the materials, and so far I have actually put all the grids together. I built a 2x3 (floor deminsion) cage with a 1x2 (floor deminsion) second story. The saide wals are all 1 grid so 1 high all the way around except of course where the second story actually is. I then have a 1/2 height grid across the 2nd story so the girls can't fall and along the back where the ramp will be so they cannot popcorn out off the ramp. Now here's where I need help....
1. I know without a visual it is hard to imagine, but is that safe and roomy enough for 2 baby girls (as soon as I can get some pictures up I will)
2. I need the cage to be elevated off the floor as it will be in my daughter's room with hard wood floors, and I worry about drafts, can I simply raise it by putting 8 grids under as shown below? Would that be enough support for the bottom ( we are still using care fresh until I get brave enough to try switching to fleece). I saw a C&C Cage in the photo gallery with a stand that looked about like this and then the maker used the left over chloroplast to make storage bins, thought that was awesome, was hoping to ba able to copy that idea.
3. Any suggestions on what to make a ramp for them to reach the 2nd story with? Would chloroplast with a piece of carpet on top be sturdy enough, or is there a way to actually build steps using chloroplast?

I appreciate any and all advice that anyone feels free to give. Am a first time piggy owner, and I love them, just want to give them a happy and lovely environment to play and live in.


03-05-10, 09:02 pm
Hello! About your question, it says on the main site that the ideal for 2 pigs is 2x4. Also, the storage cubes for support seem to work really well, lots of the pictures in the gallery have them. I mean to try out the same thing with my cage. As for a ramp, I'm not sure sorry. :( Good Luck!