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03-01-10, 08:17 pm
Hello! I am a moderately experienced pig owner who came home with three pregnant girls last week. They were found in a dumpster (!) with seven males all boxed up together. A local animal rescue picked them up. My friend works there and knew I was looking for a companion for my other female pig (from humane league) so she called me. Short story, I sexed them all and was talked into taking all the girls home!

Thanks for having a great forum, most of my panicking questions were answered already. My remaining question is about their socialization--they were breeder pigs and one is still completely terrified of me. She will actually lunge to try and bite. I don't want to add additional stress, but I need to clean their area, etc. Any advice?

The other two have calmed down greatly and will come to take veggies from my hand. So far I have been ignoring the terrified one-- just letting her watch and hear me. I have only handled her three times and each time it gets worse. She's panting by the end! Thanks for your help.

03-01-10, 08:39 pm
Have you treated for mites and lice? That can be one reason they bite, and given that they were in a dumpster, it's pretty likely they have one or both. I'm glad you took them in!

03-04-10, 03:50 pm

I recently adopted a guinea pig and found out she was pregnant a couple of weeks later. I guess I no longer need to look for female companion.

Neways, I have a suggestion for picking up the shy girl. I would suggest using a cavy cozy or somesuch. When she runs and hides inside carefully clasp the opening and pull it out with her inside. She should feel safer in the dark enclosed sack and the stress should be reduced. I recently sewed one up for my girl and not only does she love to lounge in it, it has made picking her up very easy. It is also easier on her pregnant belly because I don't have to grasp her at all to pick her up or risk hurting her.

This is also a great way to hold a shy piggy in your lap to help her get to know you. They can hide in the back of the sack and just poke enough nose out to get to that delicious food that you are offering. This is how my husband likes to hold our pig. He doesn't have to worry about getting pooped on that way. lol

I hope this helps.

03-05-10, 05:55 pm
Thanks for the advice! they have a vet visit scheduled for next week. I am having my mom make me several cozies and I think that will really help.

No babies yet, but one is quite huge. Between the three of them, they ate five pounds of pellets in one week. My local pet store is ordering me two- 10 pound bags of oxbow performance, guess I should have ordered 50 pounds:)