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02-27-10, 09:31 am

Could anyone tell me if they have tried the above bedding, I am thinking about investing just looking for some feedback.

For rabbits and rodents A loose 3-5 cm layer of Bed O’Linum provides your pet with the maximum level of comfort and guarantees that it will have a comfortable, dry surface for moving and sleeping on. Replace the corners containing droppings and urine with new Bed O'Linum as necessary; as a result, you and your pets enjoy a clean cage for weeks. According to the size of the cage and the number of animals in it, bunny Bed O'Linum stays dry for up to 14 days and constantly stops the smell of ammonia. Bunny Bed O’Linum is a natural product made from Flax that biodegrades quickly and can be disposed of in the bio-waste bin or in the compost. 35 litres corresponds to a filling level of approximately 5 cm on an area of 120 cm x 60 cm.

Above is what they say about it.