View Full Version : Sick so sad, I'm hoping its not the end

02-26-10, 03:42 pm
So recently I've noticed that Wiggle (Wigglus Maximus to give her her full name) was not herself, not skipping around as much as usual, lethargic and a bit miserable. I took her to the vet but he could find nothing wrong, a sputum sample was taken but showed no URI. All the vet could think of was that she was coming to the end. I love my Wigglepig, I hope its not true but don't know what to do! Her appetite is fine, although she is unwillng to get out of the cage for her floor time like she usually is, even when there are tasty treats laid out (the pigs are mainly free range with a large coroplast cage in the corner that they are free to enter and leave).

When we got wiggle she was in bad shape- so much hair loss that we didn't even know she was a peruvian! She had just had a litter (not her first) that were all still born and it was only due to the love and care of the lady at the rescue that she survived. We were told she was about 18months old, although no one really knew and we have had her 18months so she at least 3, although thats young for a piggy! I'm just so upset...don't really know what I expect you guys to do, just understand I guess. At least know that this past 18months she has had a good life with lots of love.

02-26-10, 04:56 pm
Oh my, I really don't know what to say, just that I am sorry for your piggy. I hope she stops suffering.

02-26-10, 05:03 pm
Just remember our pets can feel our stress, and if it is the end for her make sure to love her just as much and treat her the same as always, don't stress too much about it, whatever happens will happen. Remember what you've just said, that she's lived a good piggy life with you. Good luck!