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02-25-10, 05:42 pm
I was wondering what fruits and veggies I can feed my rabbit, Maddax Dumbledore Hatter.

02-26-10, 09:42 am
Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/resources/index.php?section=leaflets.html)

Scroll down to the leaflets about feeding - RWF are the best source for rabbit info you can trust. :)

02-26-10, 09:53 am
I have seen a Rabbit forum just like this but all about rabbits but I forgot the name and the URL. So sorry! They have also good info, I used to go on their because I LOVED rabbits but I am not into Guinea pigs as I have one and I might be getting another one.

JD In Van
02-26-10, 10:58 am
House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org/)

The House Rabbit Society is an awesome resource for all things bunny related.

02-26-10, 10:59 am
The links that people have put on here I think one of these were the one that I was on all the time ! :P

02-26-10, 08:21 pm
Thanks everyone!
Mad Hatter will be very happy!

02-27-10, 04:50 pm
Thanks! Now, my beautiful new 10 month old Tan Lionhead rabbit that I had adopted, is very happy. We got it for a really good price, and I'm going to make a C&C Cage in a coulpe of weeks. It's now in a very roomy cage, with Timothy hay, food, a large water dispenser, safe bedding, a liter box ( it came litter trained!!), chew toys, and a lot of toys she loves to play with.