View Full Version : Grids Still a little confused on square size.

02-23-10, 07:42 pm
I am looking to bring home guinea pig pair in the coming week and am building a cage this weekend. But i am still confused on the appropriate size of the holes on the squares. Some people say the 8 square panel is ok, but others say this is too big. I am bringing home two female pigs who seem really big. Is the 8 square panel ok???

02-23-10, 07:43 pm
No, The piggies heads can get stuck.

You want 9 square grids.

02-23-10, 07:49 pm
ok thanks! Just needed to hear it!
So, why do people seem to be ok with using the 8x8's?

02-23-10, 07:53 pm
I think some are ok with them if they are big adults (don't quote me on that, others will have to pitch in on that thought), but babies and adolescent pigs need the small ones. I have a C&C play area for floor time I had zip-tied together with the 8x8, my pigs that are about 3-4 months old could squeeze out of them, I had to put cardboard halfway up the grids to stop them. The 9x9 square C&C cage I built they cant get more than their nose poking out a bit.

I know you are in MN, if you are in the metro area, you probably will only be able to find these at Bed, Bath and Beyond or you can have Walmart do a site to store ship. Target and Kmart (at least in the suburbs north of St Paul and Mpls) only have the 8x8 and the 4 Walmart stores I checked do not have them on shelves, only site to store. I did find them at Bed Bath and Beyond (Coon Rapids store for me) for 14.95 a pack.

02-23-10, 07:54 pm
Just curious too, did you find someplace to adopt from locally? I saw your post from this morning :)

02-23-10, 08:02 pm
I think some are ok with them if they are big adults Sorry, but it's never okay to use the 8 square grids. The only safe way to use them is to double them up and overlap them to create smaller squares.

Even big GPs can get their heads stuck in those grids and cause themselves serious injury and suffocate.

Lil Fella's Mom
02-23-10, 08:05 pm
I have been successful at finding the 9 square grids at my local K-mart in GA although many here said their grids had changed as well. They have them on sale for $14.99 for 22 grids with connectors. That was the cheapest deal i could find around here and they are very sturdy and went together well.

02-23-10, 08:06 pm
Thanks for clearing that up Voodoo!!

02-23-10, 08:17 pm
Thanks Voodoo!
Katrinah, I am thinking about a pair at the St. Paul Humane Society. I posted about them in the general discussion area. I couldn't find an active local rescue, but there are a few on Petfinder as well as 4-5 in the metro Humane Societies.

02-23-10, 08:34 pm
Since you are in the metro there is Chuck and Don's in the metro that stock Oxbow hay and food for piggies. I get mine in Roseville, its off of Snelling on Co Rd C by Byerlys if you are familiar with the area. There are about 15 locations in and around the metro Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet | Locations (http://www.chuckanddons.com/pages/about_us/locations.html). Very resonable prices and become a "friend of Chuck and Don's" for special deals.

Bed Bath and Beyond was the only place I found that stocks the right grids.