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02-22-10, 04:15 pm
Hi, can anyone tell me why our 5 month old girl piggies like to bite and gnaw their plastic igloo? :D

One of them has actually managed to chew a bit off the front frame and I'm finding chewed bits of plastic in their beds & it's only a month old :eek: ! Are they bored, or just keeping their teeth filed down? They have lots of hay, nibble blocks, cardboard tubes and a mineral block. Also, the youngest one has a tendency to nip you now and then too, but they are both getting tamer with daily handling & cuddles :love:

02-22-10, 04:32 pm
Sometimes they do it just because they are pigs and because they can. If they are seriously eating it, you need to take it out and replace it with a different type of house.

Also please get rid of the mineral block, those are unneeded and dangerous.

02-22-10, 04:42 pm
Thanks for the advice. They also have a flexible log arch (rabbit sized as the guinea pig ones in the pet store were insanely small!) as another alternative hidey hole/bed and they knaw this as well. Any suggestions for alternative beds if it continues all the time?

Thanks for the mineral block advice too - it is removed :eek:

02-22-10, 05:05 pm
Wow, that does not sound good for them.

Try towel tents. Clip two corners of a hand towel or piece of fleece to the top rail of the cage and spread it out to form a triangle shaped tunnel. They love these! I have an extra large piece of super-thin, supersoft fleece. My piggies love to crawl into the tent and plop down inside on the fleece, almost wrapped in it. When they want a change, they go outside the fleece 'wall' and snuggle into it from that side. What's really cute is when one is inside the tent and one outside and they bump up against each other and chunter in irritation, until they can fit their bodies comfortably around each other with the fleece in between. Then they conk out.

02-22-10, 05:58 pm
My boys also chew the plastic stuff. I've changed everything to wood or acrilic, which is too hard for them to eat.

02-23-10, 03:09 am
Thanks for all the advice Cogni and Catayn - it's much appreciated as we learn more about their behaviour & likes and dislikes each day and this site is so great for posting on. Cogni, I can just picture your two piggies wheeking and cuddling up - ah so cute! I made the fleece for the cage & they even had a nibble of the waterproof terry towelling backing that lines the underneath of the fleece too, despite it being anchored down with things in the cage! I've noticed they nibble the log cabin too but don't seem to remove the bark too much at the moment. Interestingly Catayn their litter tray is made of acrylic and that hasn't got any nibble marks - yet!