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02-22-10, 01:32 pm
Hi everyone!

In mid march I'm getting my first guinea pig and would really like some advice on getting him a cage.

The cages I've seen in my local pet store are all very expensive and frankly look as if they'd fall apart within a few months. I found a link to this site and think the idea is really cool. The only problem ( as you may have guessed) is that I'm from the UK so don't have access to bed bath and beyond etc.

I was hoping that there would be someone hanging around that is either from England or can offer a bit of advice.

ooo Whilst I'm here. I'd really like to get two guinea pigs from the litter I'm going to see this week but I really want a boy. Would two brothers get along ok? I'm concerned they may fight.

Thanks very much for your help


02-22-10, 01:58 pm
I got my grids from eBay - mesh cubes, Home Garden, Business, Office Industrial, Consumer Electronics items at low prices on eBay.co.uk (http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=mesh+cubes&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=seville+grids&_osacat=0) - and my Correx online (though I can't remember which website).

My two boys came from the same litter, but as they reached adolescence they started fighting so I had to seperate them. That doesn't mean yours won't get along though. Good luck!

02-22-10, 02:53 pm
I'm from Ireland and I had to ordear my grids on Ebay.
I use a shower curtain for the base because I couldn't find coroplast.
Two boys will ( sometimes, not all the time ) get along fine. Just make sure that you have the right size cage for them.

Please don't buy! ( Because you said litter ) Please adopt instead!
Sorry if I misunderstood.

02-23-10, 04:15 am

Thanks for your advice.

I'm getting my guinea pigs from a registered rodentologist with a long history of vetenary care. She is fantastic and her pets (she doesn't just work with guinea pigs) are all very well looked after.

I looked into getting from a rehoming center but my nearest one is too far as I don't drive and I doubt an hour train drive plus another half hour walking would be very good for the little dears :P

I'll have a look on ebay, if not I'll have to grab them a cage until I can find somewhere near me that does the materials. My moms having a look in her town so fingers crossed something will come up.

As to the gender of the guinea pigs I'm now a bit concerned :P Guess I'll just have to speak to the woman and see what she thinks. No one will know them babies better than her right now so she should be able to help...I hope :P

03-04-10, 08:39 am
I'm in England and have made about 14 or so cages now, will be happy to help. I have listed a couple of cages on ebay that I have made for people who don't know how to make them/ can't find the resources. If you are interested PM and I can give you details. Hopefully one day I can run a website with guinea pig things for sale for people who want them.