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02-21-10, 09:44 pm
I just recently switched to using Fleece and I've noticed that the poop gets stuck to their feet very easily, which makes it hard to pick them up when I have to wash of their feet every time. I just cleaned out their cage an hour ago and they already have poop mashed up in their toes. Does every body experience this with fleece?

02-22-10, 09:57 am
I haven't, but mine does his business in the areas where he eats and sleeps. I found that out pretty quickly so I encourage him to poop in two specific easy to clean areas of the cage. I put some lamb's wool down for him to lay on in the sleeping area and put the hay on the outside edge of the cage. Then I can sweep it up fairly easily. I don't have coroplast up yet, so I just sweep it out each morning. There's rarely any anywhere else in the cage. If I see a few stray pieces I get that too. But you may have more pigs than I do, so that might be the issue. More pigs, more poop, more chances to step in poop.

02-22-10, 10:06 am
I'm certainly no expert at this, but I'd look at their diet and see why their poop is soft enough to smush up on their feet. I have fleece, and mine walk in their poop in the kitchen with no problems. The poop is firm, and it takes way more pressure than the guinea pigs weigh to mash it up. Mine get unlimited hay, pellets, and four salad servings a day (1-2 cups each time).

02-22-10, 02:35 pm
Thanks. Yeah Ive noticed that their poop never was this soft before. Would you happen to know what makes it so soft? I feed them pellets along with hay and carrots and sometimes some apples.

02-22-10, 02:41 pm
What about leafy green vegetables like lettuce? They need more of those and less of the sweet fruit and veg you are giving them. Both carrots and apples are high in sugar and should be limited. I don't know anything about the relation between specific diet items and consistency of piggie poo, but it seems your piggies' diet is rather restricted.
What is your brand of pellets and what kind of hay do you feed them?

02-22-10, 02:43 pm
If you haven't looked in the diet section I suggest now is a great time to.

They need much more variety. Sometimes my pigs pee on their poop which causes it to become soft and then it'll get stuck on their feet.

02-22-10, 03:46 pm
Yeah they are very picky. Ive tried lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers and they seem to just take a few bites and then leave it. They go CRAZY for carrots and I should probably stop giving into their demands. The brand is Volkman pellets. And the hay is Natures Cafe. Maybe there is a different kind of lettuce I should try. I'll definitely check out the diet section.

02-22-10, 04:12 pm
Do you have Oxbow Cavy Cuisine pellets available in your area in your country?

02-22-10, 04:29 pm
I've never heard of it but I haven't really looked for it either. I will definitely look for it next time I go though. Thank you so much.

02-22-10, 06:09 pm
This thread changed from a bedding discussion to discussion of diet, so our local diet experts might not see it. It's been often stressed on the site that green bell peppers need to be fed daily so they get their proper amount of vitamin C. You can train them to eat peppers, with patience, by giving them only peppers for their daily veg until they eat them.
Are you in Rio Vista California, Rio Vista Texas, or somewhere else?

02-22-10, 09:13 pm
Yes I just got some green bell peppers at the store and I'm gonna try to give it them tonight. Yup, Rio Vista California!:)

02-22-10, 09:17 pm
Well from my pigs the treated green peppers like it was something unnatural. I just left it in over night and it disappeared! When they get hungry and bored of hay and pellets they seem to eat there greens like good kids! Don't be discouraged if the don't eat it at first. Sometimes it just takes a bit for them to get used to it. Or maybe that is just my pigs lol

02-22-10, 09:29 pm
If you haven't looked in the diet section I suggest now is a great time to.

They need much more variety. Sometimes my pigs pee on their poop which causes it to become soft and then it'll get stuck on their feet.

That's what mine do, and in the new cage with a canvas bottom. Wow, that can be a mess, but I clean it everyday, so it's not to bad. If there is a lot on my piggys feet I put just a tiny bit of water in the bathtub just enough to cover their feet and they walk around and then all clean. My piggys love a little water.

02-22-10, 09:44 pm
I wish my pig loved water! She piddles on her poops sometimes too, and thats the only time she manages to walk through it. It's pretty rare, most of her poops are solid. Good luck with the diet, it'll help make for tougher less squishy poos!

02-23-10, 05:08 pm
Thanks! I'll try leaving the food in longer! Yeah I've just been filling up a bowl with warm water and dipping their feet in. Kind of a hassle but oh well.