View Full Version : Cage Happy Piggies in new C&C

02-20-10, 05:43 pm
I can now stop wanting to cry looking at my sad piggies standing at the gate of the door in their small cage after their floor time.

The new C&C cage is up, with a 2nd level coming soon. They are soooo very happy running and popcorning all over. Here are some pics of Popcorn and Shadow in their new home!

Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Store, Photos of Guinea Pigs and More Forum! - Katrinah's Album: new C&C cage (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/katrinah-albums-new-c-c-cage.html)

02-20-10, 06:08 pm
Looks great! I love my C&C cage too!!!

02-20-10, 06:14 pm
Awsome!!! How many piggies do you have??? Looks great!

02-20-10, 06:16 pm
Yeah mine enjoy theirs aswell!

02-20-10, 06:16 pm
Congrats! :D
They look very happy!

02-20-10, 07:33 pm
We just have the two piggies. I got a cat litter pan for the kitchen, but think I want to make it bigger, so since I have so much coroplast left from my hubby messing up the first one, I might take some of that and just make a kitchen litter pan that can be removed for easy clean.

I am excited about this too because while I can touch them when they were in a corner and chase them down to pick them up, they are still somewhat skittish. This will give the kids and myself the opportunity to properly win their trust and affection so that we have a better bond with them.

02-20-10, 08:03 pm
I Totally recomend getting a kitchen area!!! I have a 2x2.5 kitchen, And It really does save space!! If I didn't have it then my cage would be really crouded, And my cage is pretty big(2x7 C&C wth a 2x2.5 kitchen).

02-20-10, 09:46 pm
Well the cage is 2x4 single level for now. I hope to have a 2nd level up by next weekend. I started out today with a cat litter box at one end but they decided to poop and pee on the side by the litter box not in it. So I took some of the left over coroplast and made a full length pan (2 cubies long) and just shy of 1 cubie wide for the kitchen. That way they both can fit in there at the same time and have more room for food, hay, water and to do their business. It actually has gone well so far, they are mostly going in the box rather than on the fleece.