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02-18-10, 07:02 am
Ok my girls have finally "bonded" shall we say and I am ready to start the second level. ( I was afraid while they were working things out they would trap each other up there)
I have a 2X5 with 2 females and I am trying to find out how you all support the 2nd level as mine is sagging and I don't feel this is safe for the piggys so I did not put in the ramp. Can someone share how they are stabilizing their additions?

02-18-10, 09:14 am
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/507/medium/HPIM1096.JPG (javascript:;)

This is a pic from the gallery. It is of Karo2-5 cage setup. It looks like those a are just wood pieces cut the length you need to go through the bars. If you can find any square pieces of wood like that (I would check in with the edging you can buy. You could probably find it in baseboard or crown molding area of a home improvement store) you could always use a dowel rod, this is the correct diameter. Make sure you cut it long enough to stick out the sides a little.

What sort of dimension is your second level?

02-18-10, 09:27 am
I just built a 1x2 'kitchen' for the pigs yesterday.
It doesn't sag at all.
You can put a grid under the loft to make it more safe.

02-18-10, 11:05 am
If you use those wood pieces, you want to look in the construction lumber section of the store, not the molding section. If the smallest size you can find is 2x2 (real size 1.5x1.5), you can do a little whittling on the ends to make them fit.

02-18-10, 05:32 pm
Do you just zip tie the piece of wood under the grids? Sorry the attachment is hard to see from the picture.