View Full Version : Biting the Hidie Hut?

02-15-10, 02:16 pm
My piggies bite their pink plastic hiddie hut. Is this normal? They have hay, and pellets to wear their teeth down.... I feel bad, I have to take their hut out at night, because its really loud.

Note: It's not continuous, but it happens often.

02-15-10, 02:21 pm
Mine do this all the time. I think it might just be a boredom/stress thing. I just double check the edges every so often to make sure they're not able to bite any actual chunks of plastic off of it, and leave them to it. After a few minutes they get bored and go find something else to munch on.

02-15-10, 02:26 pm
Ok. Thanks, that's a relief, I thought they might have a tooth ache or something. :)

02-15-10, 02:52 pm
It's normal. My piggies do it all the time. It helps there always growing teeth.

02-15-10, 03:14 pm
When you remove it, do they have another hidey spot? If not, then either leave the hidey in there or put a different one in there because you should never remove all the hiding spots. Pigs need a place where they feel safe.

02-20-10, 03:54 pm
If they're wanting to chew on things, you can always put in empty toilet/paper towel holders in there. I noticed that when mine start on a chew 'binge' that they're just bored. When I put these in, it takes their minds off of their stools.