View Full Version : New Foster Mommy Says Hello!

02-14-10, 01:04 am
Hello Everyone,
My name is Teresa and I'm a graduate student by day, crafter/artist by night, and newly foster parent for three piggies all times in between. I found the forum at the end of last year. I was supposed to become a foster mom then, but luckily for the rescue most of the piggies that were available for adoption before christmas were adopted. The person who ran the rescue was beside herself, she had never had more foster homes than piggies before!
The three piggies I have now are an approximately 9 month old mommy and two of her daughters from two litters. They were saved from being euthanized by the rescue, but had to wait to leave because they may have been housed with males. Luckily the trio of ladies were not pregnant, so I was able to bring them home last week. The ladies are all white with red eyes and have black ear tips. They are a bit cramped at the moment, but I hope to expand their space soon and try to give them as much floor time as possible in the meantime.
I'm very glad I found this forum or else I would have thought the baby had epilepsy and wasn't just running around excitedly popcorning!
I'll try to post some pictures soon!