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01-06-03, 04:31 pm
First, I'd like to say that I'm a new cavy owner who, thanks to this web site, has just had a mind expanding experience! I'm confident both me and the cavy will benefit from all of the wonderful input found here ... not the least of which are ideas for a much more humane habitat!

To that end, I have found an online source of coroplast that I thought I'd share:


They have 4x8 sheets in various colors for $7.50 and in some areas will deliver for free. In others, if you absolutely can't get it any other way, they will freight ship the stuff.
They do, by the way, also have larger and smaller sizes and will custom cut.



Briana D
01-06-03, 05:11 pm
The coroplast there is a good price if you live somewhere local that they will deliver to. If you have to have it shipped by freight it costs about $70 for shipping.

01-06-03, 10:57 pm
Max UPS size is 36"x24" for $1.10. So if you buy $25 worth, s&h is free anywhere in the states.

01-07-03, 09:12 am
I wonder if you couldn't just score and fan-fold the stuff? Or, if you could get a group together, it would probably only take a few folks to make freight charges on full sheets neglible ... and there are lots of groups outside of cavy owners that make use of this, particularly model airplane groups and recumbant bicycle groups ... so checking with your local bike or hobby shops might turn up some potential folks willing to share the costs of shipping multiple sheets.

01-11-03, 10:21 am
Your best bet is to find a business source that uses the Coroplast. Shipping is truly prohibitive. Scoring and fan-folding is not really an option.

Most people live near towns/cities that have sign shops. Those are usually your best bet.

01-17-03, 02:50 pm
I've updated the info on the website on the Cubes and Coroplast page that talks about Coroplast:

A note about finding an online source to SHIP Coroplast to you:
There is one source that people seem to continually discover that will ship Coroplast: www.HarborSales.com. HOWEVER: A full sheet of Coroplast CANNOT be shipped via UPS. It must go by Common Carrier (or by truck, or heavy freight, whatever you want to call it) because it is outside of the size limits that UPS will ship. To ship from 1 to 5 full sheets of Coroplast via Common Carrier is <strong>$80</strong>. And they don't want to ship just one sheet and will try to talk you out of that. It's a pain to package up just one sheet to ship. In order to ship Coroplast via UPS (with standard UPS shipping rates at approximately 3 pounds shipped), it must be cut to a maximum size of 36" x 48". That's 3' x 4'. That is too small for a 2x3 grid cage (39" x 53"). You would have to tape pieces together (possible, but not a great way to go). In addition, they charge $2.75 per sheet to cut it down. This is why the database (click Find Materials below) has been created--to help you find a local source.

Also, just to let you know, the above info is straight from the people at Harbor Sales. I called them to confirm all the details. And they won't fold it.

02-27-03, 10:38 am
I finally found a place that would even sell me a sheet. Lucky for me it is local and he went back in his ware house and found a sheet in a color that he does not use any longer. SO I got a good deal on it. Will be picking it up this weekend. So my 2 piggys will have thier new CC this weekend! YEA!
PS--I was on the phone for many hours yesterday! YIKES

04-18-03, 05:08 pm
I haven't actually tried to place the order yet, but I can get the online system to allow me to use a 56" x 28" cut size rather than a 48" x 36" cut size (anything bigger than that would always add in freight charges).

I'm not sure how well it would work out, but this way you could have a 56" x 28", two 60" x 10", and two 32" x 10" pieces cut from a single 4' x 8' sheet and piece together a cage-bottom with one piece for each side of the "box", and 2" overlap on all the joints... lots of zip-ties and a tiny dabs of silicon to seal up the holes?

Just a thought, since I haven't found anyone locally that will sell me a whole sheet for less than $50... I could have enough coroplast for four 2x4 cages for only $38! (multiple story condo's are coming to mind... *evil grin*)


05-03-03, 10:49 am
The coroplast was actually easy to find and I live in a very small town. "Mail & Signs" sold me a sheet of white coroplast for $15 and they also cut it to the size I needed. Actually when I walked in the store they had a sign up advertising the price & size of coroplast signs that they make. So I’m with CavySpirit, sign shops should be they first place you look. I was very lucky after reading all the posts about how hard coroplast is to find I figured I'd be traveling all over Texas trying to find it. Also Target had the green & white box of cubes for $19.99(24 cubes/26 connectors) but they also have a black & white box called "AssemblyLine" 3 cube storage kit for $9.99 (13 grids & 16 connectors) which were on sale for $7.99. I bought them and the grids & connectors were easy to assemble and connected nice and securely. My piggie is now very happy in his new 2 x 4 C&C cage.

06-02-03, 10:00 am
Coroplast, Inc. is the manufacturer of coroplast and are located in Carrollton, TX. (close to Dallas) I called to see who carried it at sign shop near me, and was told if I picked up the stuff there he would give me a sheet, or could tell me where I could buy the stuff. Needless to say I went and picked it up. He gave me 2 sheets (I am 20 minutes from there). Yeah for me!!!
They also have a web site: www.coroplast.com
good luck!!:rolleyes:

07-10-03, 10:43 am
I was able to purchase a sheet at Fast Signs for $20.00 they also cut it in half for me so that I could fit it in my car. They had some nice colors available as well.

10-19-03, 10:29 am
for anyone in the NY area, I have a whole list of areas to get coroplast. The one I'm going to try using for myself in NYC is:


if it goes well I'll update you all on it.