View Full Version : Sick Do guineas choking sound weird?

02-13-10, 07:18 pm
I have a 3 week old piggy and I heard a noise by the cage. It sounds like If you hold air in your cheeks and push It out your mouth almost like a tut lol. Only out of the mouth. I watched she did It 4 times no trouble breathing and I thought It could be chokeing or coughing. Anyone heard something like this? She popcorned about a hour after so shes still happy.

02-13-10, 09:23 pm
Oh, maybe she was drinking water and drank too fast, so she snorted-like. It also could've been a sneeze or cough (but coughing does not sound this way, I don't think).

02-13-10, 09:31 pm
Choking or coughing sounds very much alike in pigs. It sounds like a human cough. Sneezing in pigs sounds very much like a human sneeze also.

02-13-10, 10:30 pm
I think it was something different then a cough or sneeze then. It didnt sound like a human one. I set a camera up so If It happens agian I can show everyone and help determin what is was. It hasn't happen since then.