View Full Version : Hay wheels?

02-12-10, 10:53 pm
Recently someone gave me a hay wheel thingy for my piggies.
It's like this sphere that you open up and put hay in and the piggies get it out. And it rolls around on the metal that holds it up.

I've heard that they aren't safe.
Is this true?

Thank you!

02-12-10, 10:56 pm
From what I have heard yes they are unsafe, I have seen these before I boycotted petstores and I can imagine a high risk of piggy limbs getting caught, I would destroy it and throw it away so yours and no other animals are at risk, just my opinion though

02-12-10, 11:00 pm
Thank you! Will do. :)

02-12-10, 11:40 pm
They are very unsafe. Pigs have been known to get trapped in them and have gotten injuries from getting legs or feet trapped in/on the wires.

02-13-10, 08:17 am
Somebody once posted a picture of a piggie who somehow got one of these open (maybe it was not shut tightly) and crawled in after the hay and got stuck inside! The picture was cute and heartbreaking at the same time - the expression on the piggie's face, plus the relief that the owner found the piggie in time, and the horror of what could have happened.