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02-09-10, 08:04 pm
Well Lola and Shmor are in a VERY small cage temporarily, so I'm hoping this why Shmor keeps pushing there Pigloos around the cage. I try to put both of the loos in a place where they have more floor space, but she keeps pushing them to the center of the cage. Is there anything I can do to change this, or should I just give up for now? Do you think it will stop once she has more space? I feel bad because they have 2 pigloos in that tiny cage, should I maybe take one out? Shmor has a fairly large belly so I don't think they would be comfortable in 1. :confused:

02-09-10, 08:17 pm
Even in the biggest cage I had (a 3x5, before I split my 4 boars into pairs) they wer active "redecorators". If the igloos are taking up too muchspace, I'd take at least one out for now.

02-09-10, 08:20 pm
I wouldn't worry too much about it. My pigs are in a pretty big cage, and they have never stopped pushing their hideys around, flipping them upside down, and so on. It's like a game for them sometimes. There's not really a good way to stop this behavior aside from tying all your hideys to the sides of the cage, and honestly it seems easier juts to flip them back over or move them back to where you had them if you think they're obstructing the pigs' movement.

If they're being pushed to the center, it could mean that they want to run laps along the edges. If you leave the hideys touching the walls, they can't run in circles like they sometimes (especially the young ones) enjoy doing.

If it were me, I'd leave both hideys in, my pigs, at least, like it better when they have separate places they can go to hide. Especially if you're using pigloos with one entrance and exit, having multiples can keep a lot of potential piggy drama from happening.

But no, I wouldn't worry too much about them moving things, they seem to have fun doing it and it only takes a few seconds to put everything back where it was originally. Keep in mind that if they want the floor space back that they had the way you had them originally set up, they can always move them right back.

EDIT: If there's a way to replace one igloo with a little smaller of a hidey (a cardboard box or towel/fleece tent, for example), that would probably be a good option. That way they can both have somewhere to go to hide, and you can conserve space.

02-09-10, 08:30 pm
Thanks everyone, their C&C cage should be here soon, it's shipping tomorrow. I'm glad to know it's not out of boredom, and aggravation of the small cage. I'm trying to make things as comfortable as possible for now, I've changed out the cedar for Carefresh, and bought them some hay. So I guess I will just learn to live with their decorating style! LOL

02-09-10, 08:32 pm
Our two pigs, love to redecorate their cage! Especially after mom has just fixed it all up. We actually had 2 small igloos, but switched to one giant one. They boys love it! Their newest game is hiding in their hay...

02-09-10, 08:34 pm
No matter the size of the cage, or play area Tabytha is constantly redecorating. Once I sat there, putting the hidey where I wanted it. She moved it where she wanted it and I put it back. etc. etc. In the end she won, and even though I put it where she apparently likes it, its not good enough and she moves it. For instance, she was at floor time, I put her cage back together after poop duty, put her hidey house in the spot she left it in, and she just finished turning her house in a full circle, and it is EXACTLY where it was when I put her in the cage!

*sigh* They just like to move their stuff, I guess. They do have personalities these pigs!

02-09-10, 08:34 pm
Oh gosh, they hay! I had forgotten since it has been years since I had rabbits how messy the hay is.. Oh well! Totally worth it! :D