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02-07-10, 08:27 pm
Ok so I am making a "donut" bed. Or at least experimenting and trying to. Anyway I can't find the stuffing I need and I was wondering if I could use carefresh as the stuffing. I am a really crafty mood, so if you have any other ideas of things to make, they are welcome too. Please let me know. I have already made a cuddle cup, sleeping bag and hammock. Thanks!

02-07-10, 08:48 pm
Thats a good idea!
I think it would work.
Let me know how it turns out.

02-07-10, 08:48 pm
The major problem with using carefresh as stuffing would be that you wouldn't be able to wash the bed. I don't know about your pigs, but mine sure like to pee in their beds.

02-07-10, 08:50 pm
Carefresh isn't washable. What about old nylon stockings. I remember them being used as pillow stuffing in my younger years.

02-07-10, 08:51 pm
That is true I guess about washing. She does like to pee in her cozies. Darn! Nylon stockings like knee highs/pantyhose?

02-07-10, 09:55 pm
I know Walmart has stuffing in bags. OR if you have and old pillow laying around (I change mine out every 6 months), why not just use the stuffing from that.

This way it's 100% washable where Carefresh (being made of paper) isn't.

02-08-10, 07:52 am
Why not use old towels or a piece of mattress pad? Those are what most people use under their fleece, and should work fine for a cozy.

02-08-10, 08:23 am
Some people gave some really good ideas. Mabe you could make the donut part, then if you don't have anything that people suggested, you could temporarily put carefresh in it and leave an opening. Then safety pin it closed, and change it out when you get stuffing. The reason I suggest this is because I know that when I get an idea, I'm not patient and I wanna get started, haha.

02-08-10, 09:44 am
Then safety pin it closed, and change it out when you get stuffing.

I would NOT use a safety pin with guinea pigs. Everyone on this board is well aware that they like to chew, so the safety pin could become extremely dangerous. I am aware that you are excited to get the project done and give the cozy to the pigs, but if the above stated ideas are not feasible for you, then I would just wait. : )

02-08-10, 10:17 am
Okay, I was just saying close it temporarily.

02-08-10, 04:14 pm
I would never put a safety pin in it!! Haha thanks for the idea though.

It is snowing like no other here and my mom doesn't want to drive to Jo-Ann's so I think I am going to sew as much as I can of it and then when i get the stuffing I can stuff it.

I have a LOT of extra fleece, so maybe I could cut that up, but I think old towels is an even better idea. I have taken over all the towels. I use a bunch for each cage cleaning and now I'm ripping them up. Haha!

02-08-10, 07:37 pm
Okay, I was just saying close it temporarily.

Yeah, but even it is temporary, it is still extremely dangerous. The temporary factor does not matter.

02-09-10, 10:19 am
No, I was suggeting to close it temporarily, a saftey pin was an example.