View Full Version : Coastal or Alfalfa

03-10-05, 08:26 pm
I just came from a feed store and the only hay they offer is Coastal and Alfalfa. Can I use Coastal hay? Both of my boars are over two years old.

03-10-05, 08:33 pm
I think so, I am not sure. I have nevre heard of it. I would also suggest posting this on www.guinealynx.com (http://www.guinealynx.com) or www.cavycompendium.com (http://www.cavycompendium.com) . Good Luck!

03-10-05, 10:47 pm
I did a search and coastal hay is also known as bermuda hay. I feed my girls bermuda and they love it. So it's fine for your two boars.

03-19-05, 10:10 pm
Freddie - try this page as well http://www.shilajeet.com/store/Alfalfa-Leaf-Cut-12-0-16.html, very competitive prices.