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02-03-10, 10:13 am
My mum recently came to visit my piggie and I and brought us this stuff called "Potty Litter". It says that the animals you use it with will instinctively want to potty in the box/potty/area where this stuff is. It's little round white and blue pellets, that look a lot like the Diatomaceous Earth(DE) that we use for our filters in the wine industry. I was just wondering if anyone had used this material, or something similar and how successful they were at getting their piggie to use it. So far Spencer has only sniffed at it, but he also hasn't made an oops anywhere else.

(Sorry if this is in the wrong area)

02-03-10, 02:26 pm
Without knowing what it's made of, I personally wouldn't be comfortable using it. Guinea pigs aren't like rabbits or cats or ferrets. They will either figure out the litterbox thing, or they won't. No amount of "training" makes any real difference with them.

JD In Van
02-03-10, 02:51 pm
I'm not 100% sure but I think DE is bad for cavies.

02-03-10, 03:12 pm
I think I know what you are talking about and the stuff is bad/ doesn't work.

You can't really potty train pigs.

02-03-10, 03:24 pm
Okay, that is a lie no litter can make this happen!!!

"the animals you use it with will instinctively want to potty in the box/potty/area where this stuff is"

No, guinea pigs cannot be trained to use a litter box. If they want, they will train themselves.

02-06-10, 08:47 am
Update: I took the box out, since Spencer was far more interested in eating the box then going in it. It has now left a strip of space that I filled in with shavings on the one side of the cage, and for the most part he seems to only be going on the shavings. He does have the rare 'oops' on his towels but otherwise it seems to be working. He didn't like the litter stuff, and managed to hide the few leftover pieces under a bunch of shavings in the corner. Guess he knows what's good for him! ;)