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02-03-10, 08:27 am

this morning I got thinking. What if it is hard for them to run laps in their cage? There isn't anywhere near as much space with the toys and houses. Is it enough square footage? I decided to look into free range starting with the becky's free range album. Looks fun, spacious , the chances of them fighting would be next to nothing. So I'm looking into free range. Any tips? Fun toys? things that would take up too much space in the cage? It would just be in my bedroom(the rest of the house is not exactly pig safe. The door to my room has a lock on it and it's never open. The room is approx. 7'1" x 11'9" it seems big enough to me. Do you guys have any tips?

Also this is their floortime area. They would still have floortime(just to give them a different surrounding) but more like once a week. Would that be alright .

02-03-10, 08:53 am
I'm past my edit time so.

I actually would do floortime a few times a week(just to give them somthing fun to do). Also I think I accidentally posted this in the wrong section.

02-03-10, 03:42 pm
Also, I was wondering what the best way to keep the hay from scattering all over the room.

02-03-10, 04:02 pm
You could put like two or three grids leaning on a wall or something, so you could put water bottles and a hay rack. I would love for my pigs to go free range but the only thing I'm worried about is them getting under my bed and the pee.
What are you going to do about the pee?

02-03-10, 04:08 pm
they are both litter box pee trained(And the occasional poo) I am keeping my 2x4, And cutting a door so that can be their kitchen water area, hay, food bowls, ect...

If there any bigish toys I can make that would not fit in a cage but wouldn't make a difference in a big room?

02-03-10, 04:12 pm
I wish my pigs were potty trained!
You could use them pop up fabric little bins that you can buy in the euro shop. I just cut out the end and my pigs love it for floor time! They use it as a tunnel.
Sort of like this one:

02-03-10, 04:15 pm
Oh my gosh,that looks awsome!!!

I am thinking of making a multi level hidey, Does anyone know how to do that?

02-03-10, 04:20 pm
Heres some multi level hidey that look really good:
Hidey House Bunks and C&C shelf bunk - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/18551)
How to make bunk beds - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/1726)

Don't get wooden ones because I did and I had to throw it out the next day because the pee on the top had gone moldy!

02-03-10, 08:03 pm
I have ones just like that!!!

Thanks!!! I think I will try to convert to free range tomorrow!

02-04-10, 08:16 am
alright! I am gong to convert to free range today or tomorrow(wish me luck).

02-04-10, 08:58 am
Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!

I plan on going free-range myself when I get a bigger space. Right now, I live in a studio with no storage room, so there is a lot of stuff stored on the floor (under the bed, etc.), so I can't really pig-proof it.

02-04-10, 09:04 am
I know what you mean, I can only free range in my bedroom. Because that is the only non cat/dog accessible room in my house(exept the basement, but its FREEZING down there).

02-04-10, 09:50 am
Also. I am trying it out right now. The piggers seem to love it!!! But I can't actually make it full time until tomorrow so it's more like extended 11 hour floortime:).

02-04-10, 10:03 am
That is just really cool! You are doing something amazing for your piggies :)

02-04-10, 10:05 am

They seem to love it, But I can't wait until tomorrow, When I take the step and totally get rid of the cage!!!

02-04-10, 11:38 am
How many piggies do you have?

02-04-10, 11:52 am
I've got to males. Jake and Charlie. I love them!!!!! And trust me. their cage has come a long way! I've gone from a pet store cage(for jake) to a 2x7 to free range(Well not QUITE YET but tomorrow!)

02-04-10, 11:52 am
I've got to males. Jake and Charlie. I love them!!!!! And trust me. their cage has come a long way! I've gone from a pet store cage(for jake) to a 2x7 to free range(Well not QUITE YET but tomorrow!).

02-04-10, 11:53 am
Woops! I posted it twice:blush:.

02-04-10, 12:19 pm

My cage is a open free ranged cage (although they do not leave the fleece) its about 4 by 5 maybe 4 by 6 in grid size. The openes to under my bed and around my dresser I have pieces of cloroplast ~6 inches in height taped down so they cannot get under my bed or in holes they may not be able to get out of.

As long as you make sure they cannot get anyplaces you cannot get them out of im sure any room can be a free ranged cage.

I have 2 females in my cage if anyone was wondering.:p

02-04-10, 12:24 pm
"As long as you make sure they cannot get anyplaces you cannot get them out of im sure any room can be a free ranged cage."

No. The reason I say it can only be my bedroom. Is because. I have a cat and dog. My bedroom is the only room inaccessible to them. The only other room that they don't go to is the basement But the tempature down there is NOT cavy savvy:).

02-04-10, 02:19 pm
Post pictures of it when it is finished please!

02-04-10, 02:28 pm
Did you try it out yet?
Im dying to hear! :D
My mam said that my pigs can go free range but I'm also afraid of stepping on them!

02-04-10, 08:20 pm
Sorry! I haven'y posted 'cause I was at the library all day.

I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to up-load pics on my new mac mini(Not sure how).

02-05-10, 03:12 am
I've always wanted to have free range setup.
I found some cool ideas that I think would be really fun for the pigs.
play house - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/12666/ppuser/10815)
Cupboard conversion - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/10290)
racetrack_road_course_1 - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/1045)

02-05-10, 07:24 am
I am DEFIANTLY going to make that first one(again not 100 percent sure how. But I will!) I think it looks real cool but they all look real cool!!!!

Now. I can't make my setup until monday:blush: because I am going winter camping this weekend. And I wouldn't have time to finish it today and they would be stuck in the petstore cage all weekend:(. But they are getting "extended floortime" while I'm here(I am only going camping for one night: leaving saturday AM coming back sunday AM not very long! and I will give them floortime early that morning).

02-05-10, 07:44 am
[begin rant]

OK, I can't stand it any longer. I see this word misused all the time, and it drives me nuts. Time for an English lesson :crazy:

Defiantly means "aggressively resisting authority." Pronounced dee-fi-ant-ly.

Definitely means "without question and beyond doubt, surely." Pronounced def-i-net-ly.

[/end of rant]

02-05-10, 07:49 am
Sorry:blush:. I am not a very good speller(it's my mac's fault 'cause it told my I spelled it wrong!) But I do blame my mac!

02-05-10, 08:06 am
It will be approx 84.49 square feet(It is a small room) That is not quite as big as I hoped its 7.1 x 11.9. I do know though that it's bigger than any cage I could give them!

02-05-10, 08:45 am
Your mac won't complain if you spell them both correctly -- computers are pretty worthless that way! Although some programs will do sort-of-ok grammar checks, but you still have to know what you meant!

02-05-10, 09:51 am
Yeah! I probably need to work on my spelling.

02-05-10, 10:25 am
I went free range today! :D
I just put some shower curtains and some towels,fleece and a potty down. ( And of course a load of toys,water bottle,hay racks etc.. )
The pigesters are soooo happy!
They love it so much!

02-05-10, 10:52 am
The third cage/race course: wow, I'm speechless!

02-05-10, 11:43 am
Ugggg I am so jeliouse! I was hoping that we could afford a 3 bedroom apartment and the 3rd (smallest) room would be a free range room for my guinea pigs and have a huge table in there to do my scrapbooking. But alas it doesnt look like we are going to be able to afford it. Husbands new job is not going as well as planned. He keeps getting sent home sick because of the mass amounts of purfume that people wear. (him and our sons are highly allergic to it) He comes home reaking of it and calls at lunch time saying he has sore throat, cant stop coughing, he is covered in hives, and peeved because he just wants to smack people for being so inconsiderate. When he has to come home we put his clothes in plastic bags outside until I can wash it separately from our own. Then he needs to go take a shower before he can even be near our sons. My 15 month olds hand swelled up so bad when he touched daddy the other day. This job is almost more trouble than its worth. Especially since its a 70 mile round trip.

Sorry for ranting on your post. I CANNOT wait to see the pics of your happy piggies. I wish I could give my piggies a huge room like that! Let us know how you are protecting the floor, how you are hanging the water bottles and where the food is and stuff! Thanks