View Full Version : Would they be ok for floor time?

01-30-10, 08:20 pm
I have four sows in a 4x4. I might be adopting two more sows but they will live in a 2x4 on top of the 4x4. So they wouldn't be living together. Would all of them be ok together for floor time everyday? Or would they fight?
Thanks =)

01-30-10, 08:20 pm
No, you cannot put them together for floor time unless they live together too.

01-30-10, 08:23 pm
Ok thanks! Thats what I was thinking but just wanted to make sure.

01-30-10, 10:59 pm
Just curious. What would happen if they did come in contact during floor time?

01-30-10, 11:25 pm
Fights may break out. But in all likelihood, they should be okay. You'll hear sometimes about people having piggy play-dates. There's no problem with having them play together. Just make sure you QT them properly.

01-31-10, 12:53 am
I think that would be absolutely fine.. Sometimes me and my neighbor let our guinea pigs play together. You just have to slowly introduce them and watch them very carefully. Who knows, they could all become piggy friends!

01-31-10, 01:41 am
It's stressful for pigs to have to repeatedly establish dominance. This can lead to fighting and will make it harder for them to get along in the future should you ever want them to live together. I recommend separate floor time for this reason.

01-31-10, 07:39 am
Ok thanks everyone! :)