View Full Version : Best way to keep hay off the ground?

01-30-10, 01:14 pm
I've tried several different ways to keep the hay off the ground of my 2x6 C&C cage, but for whatever reason the pigs still end up pulling it out, dumping it on the ground, and making a huge mess, which means a lot more work for me and a lot more cleaning. I use fleece bedding in the kitchen area and I'm wondering if this is a bad idea? The hay seems to stick to the fleece, which makes it super hard to clean.

What's the best, cleanest, most fun way to keep the hay off the ground of the C&C cage? I have tried a removable kitchen area with shavings and that worked alright, but the bedding and hay got trampled to the rest of the cage.

What should I do? :confused:

Lil Fella's Mom
01-30-10, 01:17 pm
I have a hay rack made out of a piece of cube. However, if your piggies like th pull it out and spread it, that might not work. I have seen people use a mini cube to stuff the hay in and set it on the ground. i believe they see them at Target. Those might be a good idea for you, since the piggies can't really pull it out but a few pieces at a time.

01-30-10, 02:53 pm
If you use a hay rack, you can put a boot tray under it (you can pretty much get them anywhere). That way all the hay will fall onto the boot tray and you can easily take it out.