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03-09-05, 08:38 pm
Hello, I am new to the forum. My name is Sarah, and we live in Augusta, GA. If you are into Golf, we are the city that hosts the Masters Golf Tournament every year.

I would like to adopt a guinea pig sometime soon. I had several when I was in my pre-teens, and would like to have at least 2 again. I have a husband, and one child, Anna who is 2 years old. I would be the primary caregiver, as they would be my pets.

I am currently surfing the rescue internet sites for my region, and I have had several questions.

1. What are these 'lethals' that several people have mentioned? I have been to the sticky-ed thread, but I am still a little clueless.:)

2. The closest small animal (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets etc.) is in Athens, GA at the University of Georgia School of Vet. Medicine. That is about 2 hours away from me. Is that too far for a vet to be?

3. I have a 'dressing/nursery room off the Master Bedroom in our new house. That is where I would like to keep the cage. It is not enclosed, but like a large alcove off our bedroom. I will be purchasing a CavyCage for the pigs. Is this an acceptable place to house the pigs?

If anyone here knows of any pigs in need of rescue in my region, please email me. I think that a pair would be better than just one, but I don't think I would be equiped to handle more than 4.

Thanks for reading my rambling post!


03-09-05, 08:45 pm
Welcome, Sarah! First off, you should read www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm) if you haven't already. www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info) is also a great site for all kinds of medical information, etc.

1. There is some info here: http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=828&highlight=goobber.

2. You may want to look around online, in the yellow pages, etc. for one closer. There should be one around! In case of an emergency, you'll probably need on that's closer.

3. Read http://cavycages.com/location.htm.

I hope that helps you out! Good luck with the cage and all!

03-10-05, 07:34 am
You should try to find a vet closer. 2 hours is way too far. Your alcove seems like a perfect place for them. Do you spend alot of time in your bedroom. Its good for piggies to be around the hub bub of your home. A pair of piggies is perfect. Good luck.

03-10-05, 09:33 am
I am currently working with a piggie rescue in SC. Today is my day to find a good vet in my area. My large animal vet said 'I can do shots and other light stuff" Well.....I found out that guineas don't HAVE shots....so I am now looking for a vet....


03-17-05, 02:21 pm
Hi Sarah...

We live in Peachtree City (just sw of Atl) and would like to find a home for our 2 yr.old male, "Homey". He is a healthy and well-adjusted single piggy. The problem is that Mom (that's me) needs more freedom and our three children are growing up and busier. Your alcove sounds good. Homey's "home" is a 5'x6' pen in the children's play room. It consists of C&C grids arranged on top of a nice carpet I bought to place on top of our carpet. His cage is open inside the pen so he can go in & out to snack & potty. He has several special stuffed animals with whom he snuggles. He is accustomed to having "family/lap/ tv" time twice a day. He has a special "bed" that sits on top of the couch where he likes to munch on hay, honey stick, oranges and gala apples. We allow him to meander around his room on most days but he usually ends up lounging underneath the bed. I'd like to email photos as soon as hubby is back in town and can help me.
Homey is sweet and easy. You sound like a good placement. Let's pls talk if you are still looking. I would be happy to drive to Augusta.

Tracy M. [email protected]

03-17-05, 07:47 pm
Sorry this is short, we have had an accident in our immediate family....I wont be doing anything piggie for at least a couple of weeks. We are spending most of our time in Shock Trauma at the Medical College of Georgia.


Slap Maxwell
03-17-05, 07:53 pm
I am sorry.

Best wishes to those in need in your family.

03-17-05, 08:25 pm
Thx for reply. So sorry about your situation. Later, when you are ready, please email me if you think you might be interested. We are not going anywhere fast. T.M.

06-04-05, 05:03 pm
Hi Sarah,
Are things better your way? I hope so. I am back thinking about finding a new home for our Homey. Would you be interested? I can give you more info if you would like to consider him. Tracy M.

06-12-05, 09:41 pm
Hi Tracey - I can't believe I'm saying this...let me know if Sarah dosn't get in touch with you over the summer. Our family MIGHT like to adopt in the fall.