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casey's mommy
01-24-10, 12:29 pm
We recently were watched Gforce, my daughter's current favorite movie, and in the movie the girl dresses the Guinea Pig up in a dress. My daughter was going on about dressing our pigs up. I explained to her that the nail polish and lipstick was animal cruelity but wasn't sure about the dress. I mean we dress up our poodles is shirts and they don't mind. I goggled in and found a couple websites that sold shirts and costumes but I know that just because you can buy it doesn't mean it's safe. I just wanted to get your take. Is it bad to put clothes on Guinea Pigs??

01-24-10, 01:35 pm
It's not a great idea to dress guinea pigs up in clothes. It wouldn't really be considered animal cruelty and there are some who may dress their pigs up for say Halloween for the purpose of taking photos then take the costume off the pig right after, but dressing a pig up in clothing just for the sake of doing it isn't a good idea. They really don't like to be confined in clothing and many will bite and paw at them to try to get them off.

casey's mommy
01-24-10, 01:39 pm
thats kinda what I thought.
Thank You

01-24-10, 02:01 pm
Also, their bellies are awfully close to the ground.
I think clothes would get pretty dirty if they didn't get eaten.
In my very misspent youth, I bred hamsters and gerbils, cloth in their cages can amputate feet and obstruct bowels. Twenty years later, one stupid mistake with bedding still causes nightmares. Unless VERY carefully observed, cloth and rodents can be a horrible combination.

01-24-10, 02:13 pm
When we got out first cats, we put collars on them, and it didn't go well. They tried so hard to get them of that they both got their lower jaws stuck in the the collar. I would think that maybe that could easily happen with a pig, as they don't even really have necks.

01-24-10, 02:41 pm
I think it's ok if you just dress them for a picture or just for some moments, to enjoy the cuteness.
I have been througt the experience of dresing cats...hahaha! It's the hardest thing ever!