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12-23-02, 07:22 pm
Im soooooo mad at Petco! I got my baby Giggles there and they said he was a girl! I didn't know much about guinea pigs when I got him. And, I didn't know much about cages and I bought one way too small! So now I am going to build my guinea a new cage and get him a friend. I hate Petco :(

12-23-02, 09:06 pm
Petco is horrible. The one in my area is filthy. The people who work there dont' know anything about animals, and the conditions they live in are disgusting. Everyone makes mistakes, most petstores are very bad, but it's great that you found out and are taking the steps neccessary to make sure your piggy is happy.
Good luck.
o yea, get ur piggy a friend (one of the same sex is better, and try adopting him/her), your pig will really appreciate a friend! :0)

12-26-02, 01:31 pm
Yes, please adopt the next one... I bought our first two at a pet store. I do not regret it, as they take good care of their animals, and they do not normally deal cavies, but they had a friend who had babies, so they took them in to find homes. Lots of lonely cavies out there wanting to be friends with your new one.

12-27-02, 02:00 am
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