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01-23-10, 10:00 pm
I went searching for "just 2 more" female piggies to keep my piggies company. I have the grids and am ready to build a 3x5 C&C cage. My 2 piggies live in a 3ft x 6 ft cage now so it won't be alot more space, but it will add about 6-7 inches to the width. So, anyway, I figured 3x5 was fine for 4 sows but now I may have to house 6. lol I just can't decide between 4 new girls. So, how big would I need for 6 sows, considering they all get along at introductions? I am prepared to build seperate cages if they don't get along but I will remain optimistic. I also need to stop searching listings for guinea pigs. :sorry:

01-23-10, 10:08 pm
A 3x5 C&C cage is plenty big enough for 6 sows.

01-24-10, 08:38 am
Awesome! Thanks!

01-24-10, 09:40 am
One big happy (hopefully) pig-family! :)