View Full Version : UTI/Urinary Tract Infection UTI, and I had no idea!

01-21-10, 06:00 pm
Being on the fleece train for just under a week, I had noticed Tabytha Sue scooping her bottom a lot. I looked it up on here and saw where everyone said it was normal, marking territory etc... Poops and pees seemed normal & so did she so I let it go, atoning it to the new bedding.

Today, Tabytha Sue was just not herself. I checked her bed, and she hadn't peed at all though her water intake had increased DRAMATICALLY

and there weren't NEALY enough poops. I picked her up and she was NOT tolerant. I noticed right away her poor little... girly parts... looked bigger than normal. I felt around her and she was obviously in pain or irritated so, I called the Vet but Dr. C wasn't in today. They sent me to another branch (I was comforted to know his wife is the medical Director there) and we just got back.

I gave them a pee sample & some poops and described how she's been acting (she really hasn't been all "right" since Christmas when she was gone for a week without me.)

He did the regular exam, and after all the normal discussions and questions they whisked her off for Xrays (just to be sure there was no blockage)and to make her 'pee in a cup' since mine wasn't enough. Twenty agonizing minutes later, they show her off to the reception staff and say she's "really, the cutest pig I have ever seen!" and bring me in for the X-rays.

X-rays are really cool, by the way. I could see the nice mush of her most recent snack of a baby carrot on the ride over, but nothing cool like nails or pushpins or anything like you see on Vet tv shows....;)

GOOD NEWS IS She has no stones, no buildup, no nothing in her bladder. (Whew! this place makes me worry.) Not even pee. He hadda squeeze it outta her (although as soon as I put her back in her carrier to go home, she peed). He sent off for a urinalysis, and in the end she has a UTI.

He gave her a shot of antibiotic and tomorrow morning I have to start with 0.4 mm of Baytril 2X a day. Is this the one where I need to make sure shes eating plenty of her cecal poops? Or does she not make any cecal poops while on this? Clarification, please that way I can ask for the stuff she needs in her belly.

Also, can stress bring one of these on?

I didn't drastically change her diet, just took away a ton of parsley & added cavy cuisine pellets

As of this moment shes having a good ol time out on the free time floor digging for some good hay I would imagine, as her head is completely submerged in the basket.

So, even with a coupon I am $300 in the hole, but with a happy, almost healthy piggy. Don't take chances with your piggies folks, if something is off... it more than likely is time for a Vet to see em!!

I read this while I was waiting on her X-Rays I came across the 10 commandments for animals, and it made me cry! Especially this part:
"My life is likely to be shorter than yours. Any separation from you is painful."

Remember that these creatures are small, and fragile. Don't take them for granted because tomorrow is not promised!!