View Full Version : Size A 3x4 is big enough for 3 piggies, right?

01-20-10, 11:48 am
Hello! I have 3 piggies (1 boy & 2 girls) in a 3x4 grid size cage. I have a ramp leading to the top floor which is 1x3 grid size, so I'd assume a little square footage would be taken off for the ramp.
Is this big enough for my 3 piggies?
Thanks! :)

01-20-10, 12:22 pm
3x4 is the same square footage as 2x6 which is recommended for 4 guinea pigs, so yes, it is big enough for 3. As long as your male is neutered.

01-20-10, 01:24 pm
When did you get your 3rd piggy?? I saw were you had got to babies the other day??

01-20-10, 09:51 pm
I got the 3rd about 4-5 days ago. Yeah, at first we thought they were 6 weeks old ('cause that's what the girl at the pet store said) but the vet actually said they were 3 1/2 months. So, she neutered my male.
And, thanks ppqppq, I just wanted to make sure. :)

01-20-10, 09:54 pm
When was the male neutered? When were these pigs introduced? It takes some time after neutering for all the sperm produced before the neuter to die off - I certainly hope you don't have them all together shortly after a neuter and without an appropriate quarantine, but I can't tell from what you've posted here.

01-21-10, 10:41 am
If you've only had him 4-5 days (a) I am assuming he is till in quarantine? He should be for a full 3 weeks to be sure he's not carrying anything he can pass on to the girls, and also because, as noted, a neuter isn't "instantly" effective.

01-21-10, 12:32 pm
Oh, yeah I know. He is. I was just making sure that when the quarantine was over that the cage would be big enough.

01-21-10, 02:33 pm
I"m glad to hear that. Since your first post said "I have 3 pigs in a cage" I am relieved to hear that they are not YET in the cage together.