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01-18-10, 11:34 am
I have recently acquired two mice and need to find a good food for them. I feed my GPs Oxbow but I was wondering if Regal Rat was OK for mice. If not, what is a good alternative?

01-20-10, 01:55 am
Regal Rat is a really good base mix, but mice like a lot of variety in there diet. As omnivores they can eat just about anything! This is my mix, it's homemade, with just about everything available at the supermarket. A 'scoop' can be any size container, depending on the quantity you need to make up. My 'scoop' size is probably 4-5 cups.

Mouse/Rat food - 3 scoops
Premium Bird Seed - 3 scoops (more seeds, less grains + more variety)

Eagle Pack Dry Food - 1/2 Scoop

Buckwheat Pasta Spirals (1/2 scoop) (Tri-Colour pasta spirals are also good!)

Shredded Wheat
Puffed Rice
Wholegrain Ryvitas
Rolled Oats
Plain Corn Kernals
Green Lentils
(3 scoops combined)

For treats they get:
Cooked chicken
cooked pasta
steamed veggies (carrot, corn, peas, beans + broccoli)
raw veggies
Dog Biscuits
Plain Yoghurt

They can also get mealworms as a treat.

All About Mice Feeding - Staple Diet (http://www.allaboutmice.co.uk/feeding/)

This diet is based of the 'Shunamite' diet, and my little meecers love it.

PS Welcome to the wonderful world of mice ownership, they really are a joy to have :)