View Full Version : How much height do I need on the side of the cage for baby piggies?

01-18-10, 08:29 am
Anyone know?

01-18-10, 09:07 am
10" unless you use overlapping grids to make the holes smaller. If you don't have enough coroplast, you can put cardbord between the grids and coroplast to make the sides 10" and then take the cardboard out when they get older.

01-18-10, 11:14 am
Thank you! :)

01-30-10, 06:32 pm
Until what age do you have to do this? Mine will be about 9 weeks when I bring them home tomorrow and want to be ready for them.

01-30-10, 07:09 pm
It depends on how big they are, not on age. If there is any chance at all that the pigs could get stuck in the grids, baby proof the cage. They can squeeze into surprisingly small spaces.